Fun Michelle Obama Website

Since all this political stuff has gotten so serious and bleak. Let's focus on something fun!
For all the Michelle Obama lovers, here's a website solely dedicated to tracking her style.

Have fun folks.
Well that JCrew outfit was over my financial head. I guess that if I had her family income it wouldn't be so bad.
wow, this person has way too much time on their hands...

mini-album w/ various styles for the past 10 years of natural hair:
password: curlzorwavez
This is absolutely the best outfit I've seen her wear. She should wear more "soft" suits like this also in brighter colors. I think the J Crew stuff is too casual, I don't care how pricey it is. And the dress she wore for the last debate was very nice, great color and fit, but too closefitting. It had people focusing on her butt. This is elegant and sexy and more "first lady-like". Love the blog name.

My blog -

Playing with my hair is a hobby. Fluffy, fine natural 4a. Goal= Healthy, beautiful hair that retains its length.
Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.

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