I saw Obama last night!

Well "saw" is a stretch. I was at a rally. I had to stand and I'm 5'1, so there you go. There was a jumbo screen though.

But, what a night. The doors opened at 8:30 the line was HUGE. Itwas constant motion, but there was a lot of folks.

Jimmy Smits spoke. then Bill Clinton, then OBAMA!

"George Bush has dug us into a whole, and he's trying to pass McCain the shovel"

I was also at Epcot for the food and Wine festival earlier that day. I saw Boys II Men. (I saw Kool and the Gang on Tuesday)

That is awesome!
My son got to see him a few months ago,too!(but he's taller )
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You still heard his voice... WOW! Is he really as inspiring in person as he is on TV? Have you seen that new commercial where he's like "I need you to come out with me, and knock on doors with me..."

I just get all warm and fuzzy watching it... I think I'd pass out if I saw him, or heard him, in person.

I'm luvin' my natural self FIRST!

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Posting this on another thread. Oops!

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That's wonderful that you got to see him.

I've decided that when (not if) he's inaugurated, I'm driving to Washington to see it.

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I've seen him twice and both times it was incredible. Luckily both times I also had a good view.

I wish I could make the trip to DC. Maybe I'll have to look into it. Knowing my luck we'll get slammed with a Nor'easter.
You still heard his voice... WOW! Is he really as inspiring in person as he is on TV? ..)
Originally Posted by A_la_Nap-tural
Amazing. Just cool as can be.

Trenell, i'm jealous.

no matter what a lot of people in your country think of President Clinton, and his personal life aside, i actually admire him. i'm only sorry he waited this long to appear with Senator Obama in public, because i think more visible support from he and Senator Clinton, would have been helpful at the start of the campaign. however, i do understand that it is hard to put aside the bitter disappointment that Mrs. Clinton would have had at the time.

Senator Obama is an inspiration to ME and i can't even vote for the man!

and Jimmy Smits, too - *swoon*!

as strange as this is going to sound, much of the way Senator Obama's campaign has been run reminds me somewhat of the way they ran the campaign of "Matt Santos" on The West Wing. if you recall, Santos didn't focus on "latino issues" because he didn't want to be "the latino candidate". and i understand there has been some criticism of Senator Obama for not having more focus on "black issues". just from seeing that story arc on The West Wing, i understood where he was coming from.

(eta: this article is interesting - Jimmy Smits actually modelled Congressman Santos on Senator Obama....)

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lucky girl! I'm jellis (insert green-eyed monster smilie here).

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I'm DEFINITELY jealous!!!!!!!!

I'm not just jealous about Obama but also about Boys II Men & Kool and the Gang!

You're a lucky woman
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