What do you want to see Obama do or not do

I really hope Obama can make some of the changes he wants to. Our nation needs the healing. He got my vote; first time I ever voted for a Democratic president.

There are issues out there though that are still things we all want to see done or not done.

I have to say I am not a union person (and before you jump all over me, I belonged to a union for about 20 years in the 70's and 80's). I think they had their place and time but have since caused many of our problems. That said, I hope Obama doesn't think we have to bail out the auto manufacturers. I think the economic bailout was necessary because many people were on the verge of panic, but I think the unions got the US auto manufacturers in the bind they are in. Therefore, I think they need to make concessions and get themselves out. The U.S. government can't start thinking they can bail out every industry having problems. The line has to be drawn somewhere.

OK, all you union people, start throwing eggs at me!
yeah, bailing out auto companies would be excessive. banks are central to the functioning of the economy, but car companies are not. I didn't want the bailout at all but I grudgingly see how it is necessary for banks - but DEFINITELY not for auto companies.

but I am definitely looking forward to getting out of Iraq, becoming energy independent, and balancing the budget. those are the most important to me. I think his tax cuts for lower and middle income families will have a very positive effect on the economy (although I probably fall in that range of people who won't be affected much by the tax cuts personally ... that's OK).
Umm... would saying "undo everything Bush has done" be too broad?
Messing with AOWC/AORM (but will always love AOHR) Also playing with KBB, KCKT & KCCC
Frustrated none the less... Keratin process set for 12/20 unless something changes before then.

pw: curl

1/20/2009 could not come sooner
The auto manufacturers want $25 billion to pay for retiree health benefits. They want my tax dollars to pay for health benefits for someone else but yet not for me. Sounds like "selective national health insurance" to me.

I think it is about time these companies step up and tell their people "we can't afford everything any longer. The money isn't there and you just don't get it anymore."

Many companies in my area have gone bankrupt, closed and jobs lost. No one bailed them out. Let's see if my current company can't make it will the government come in to bail me out. I don't think so.

I voted Democrat for the first time in my life but if Nancy Pelosi puts this one through they have lost me forever.
I like to see him get right to work on some decent health care plans.
yogawaves, formerly known as yogagirl
I'd like for the torturing to stop. Seriously, out of all the many, many awful things that Bush has done, that one crosses the line into pure evil.

Domestically, my standards are low. I just want someone who can give me intelligent, well-thought out reasons for the decisions he makes whether I agree or not--no more pandering to the evangelicals, please.
Eres o te haces?
Munchkin, Obama has talked about the Auto industry throughout his campaign.

If the banks get 700 billion, why the heck can't the auto industry get a measly 25 million?
Munchkin, Obama has talked about the Auto industry throughout his campaign.

If the banks get 700 billion, why the heck can't the auto industry get a measly 25 million?
Originally Posted by CurlyGina2
First of all, I think it is $25 billion.

Second, help them in a realistic manner. You go to the company and to the union and say we will help but only if you are willing to meet us part way. If there is no money for retiree health benefits, then you tell your retirees you can't provide them any longer. If you still are short of cash, you go to all your workers, salaried and union, and you ask for concessions. . . these can be in the form of salary and benefits. If they aren't willing to take these steps themselves, then don't use my tax dollars to bail them out especially don't offer health insurance to retirees when most of us who work in the private sector do not receive this benefit. Why should my tax dollars pay for (as I said) "selective national health insurance" (that being paid for by tax dollars but not provided for everyone).

Granted I realize the health care system in this country needs overhauled but not at the benefit of some and the cost to others.
Ack, I meant billion. Million would be pennies.

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