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Depends on where you are.

Call center staff: Obama
Administration/Upper Management: McCain
Middle Management: Obama

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Among my co-workers, there is a mix. Aside from one McCain supporter, we all get along well enough with politics and have great discussions in the back or after hours.

Around customers, we are supposed to stay neutral obviously. I happen to be in an area where people stop and chat. A few of them I know well enough where I feel we can talk without it interfering with my work or their shopping. There seemed to be a strong Obama leaning among the customers (going by buttons and bumper stickers) which seemed odd. Do Republicans not like Trader Joe's, lol?!
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I work for a public television station in Massachusetts. You can't get more liberal than that!

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We had both, sometimes in the same aisle. It's easier now, they've shut up for the most part :-) And the Obama supporters are not crowing. No fist bumps
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I work in a VERY conservative environment. I would assume most of the people around me were McCain supporters, even ignoring the fact we're in McCain's home state.

But I heard very few people discussing politics, or at least who they voted for. I did hear one guy who called himself a staunch Republican predicting a huge Obama victory, and he seemed to be indicating that was how he'd voted, on Tuesday. It may be that my coworkers were part of why Obama won our county, and they didn't think they should mention it at work!
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Most of my department supported Obama, but they were pretty cool with me supporting McCain (they tried to talk me out of it of course!) No one got nasty though, we teased each other and it was kind of fun. It helps that I'm bake chocolate chip brownies for all our staff meetings so I am deeply loved Bribery is awesome!!!
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I work in higher ed which suggests more Obama supporters. But it's in the middle of rural Southern community which was McCain's base. In the office, the Obama folks were more vocal but we were extremely respectful of the three Repubs (who absolutely hate each other, major professional and personal differences).
I work in a pretty conservative environment. Financial information services plus I work with a lot of emigres from the former Soviet Union, who tend to be staunch Republicans. I have not heard a lot of political discussions, though, which is just fine by me.
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I live in the Midwest, and my workplace is pretty much a microcosm of this part of the country. Folks tend to be very conservative here.
Young Folk regardless of race and Blacks – Obama
Everyone else – mostly McCain

There were several meetings where the CEO of my company was the speaker and he was basically telling people to vote Republican. Made me lose the little bit of respect that I used to have for him.
I try not to talk about politics at work. I am pretty liberal and assume most of my co-workers are Republican until proven innocent.

There are really only two people I'm comfortable discussing politics with - one is my boss who is a Republican, but we have friendly debate, and the other is someone I also consider a friend, and we share political beliefs.

I just avoid politics and religion at work -- I have pretty strong opinions on both and I don't want clashing opinions to affect my work relationships.
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I work in a primarily conservative company, so most of my coworkers were, if silently, McCain supporters. However myself and a couple of my coworkers were pretty vocal Obama supporters.

I have one friend in a different department who is very conservative and a McCain supporter and very anti-Obama. He and I have always been able to talk politics in a respectful, diplomatic manner. We made a deal Tuesday evening that neither of us would gloat. He very graciously congratulated me on Wednesday, and I told him I thought McCain's concession speech was not half bad at all.

One of my fellow Obama supporters said nothing, instead opting to walk up to my desk and give me a high five, and walk away. That was enough for me. As many McCain Republicans as tehre are in my office, it's not good office politics to be all obnoxious about it.
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lol, I'm having more of an issue with politics in the home when I go visit my parents than in the work place

My coworker was a HUGE part of Obama's campaign group here, so there's been political talk for the past year really. Everyone in my small department voted for Obama I think, so there's no hard feelings.

My PARENTS on the other hand... oy. I've decided we're not allowed to talk about politics any more. It gets too uncomfortable...
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I work with a bunch of musicians. Even classical musicians tend to be quite liberal. They know where their funding generally comes from.

That being said we're located in a church and are a non-profit so there wasn't a lot of talk about it because we weren't allowed to. It would jeopardize our status. But all in all everyone in the building (minister and church staff included) are quite happy.
Only two of us in my office. The man who signs my paycheck and me. It's been a rough few months. I finally asked him not to talk to me about politics at all anymore. As of yesterday, he still hasn't gotten out of the pissed off McCain lost stage so there isn't really anything being said between us right now. I need him to hurry up and get to the acceptance stage, things will be much smoother onces that happens.
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I try not to talk about politics at work. I am pretty liberal and assume most of my co-workers are Republican until proven innocent.
Me too.

I know of a couple of guys who were vocal about being Republican. I assume most of my office voted that way since I am in the defense industry. There are a few I know who voted for Obama. In fact yesterday, one guy from my team actually came up to me and mentioned the win. 2 days later. I told him I was happy about it too, but it's so strange to feel that excitement and come to your workplace and it's dead silence.

He is conservative (voted for Bush both times) and last month he admitted he was planning to vote for Obama. He is one of the people who turned Virginia blue.

I can talk with him because I know it's not going to turn into a chest beating session. We can have a civil conversation and even if I disagree, I would consider him a friend. That is not the case all the time, which is why I tread lightly when discussing politics at work. Mostly I avoid it entirely.
I only work with 5 people. We are pretty non PC and more like a family and all Obama supporters, ya!! But my last company was much more conservative and was mostly Bush last time. It was my first job out of college and my other young coworkers and I would discuss it openly and it was not a problem. We would not discuss it with our managers or any other coworkers though. The day after Bush won kinda sucked for me. No one else talked about it though. I'm going to see some of them this weekend and I think I'll wear my Obama shirt . One of them voted for Obama this time and he's been complaining to me how the others are whining about the outcome.
Well, I live in Georgia and work in a medical environment, and its pretty darn conservative. I work with one other black person and everyone assumed we were voting for Obama, which we happen to be. Conversations about politics were few and far between, but were always neutral and respectful. Until my fellow Obamatron happen to overhear our office manager say some not so nice things about Obama after his commercial last week. AWKWARD.

On Wednesday morning the tension in the air was suffocating! Usually everyone is so talkative, bumbling and joking around. Everyone even stared at me differently. People would be talking and when I walked in the room they'd quickly shutup and just stare at me. I never felt so uncomfortable.
However, the other coworker and I shared secret moments of celebration. We met in the brake room, embraced and jumped up and down like little kids.


Most of my department supported Obama, but they were pretty cool with me supporting McCain (they tried to talk me out of it of course!) No one got nasty though, we teased each other and it was kind of fun. It helps that I'm bake chocolate chip brownies for all our staff meetings so I am deeply loved Bribery is awesome!!!
Originally Posted by Ella
Lol, that's pretty cool. I'm glad that the discussion remained jocular. Cookies do work too.
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