Senate clears $781 billion debt limit increase

It's up to almost 9 trillion dollars. How many 0's is that? Does anyone really think this president is not going to take us into the 20 trillion dollar debt? He still has a long way to go. and having our soldier play security guards in Iraq is not getting any safer or cheaper. Honestly, it seems as if the "leaders" in Iraq have no incentive to get their own government up and running. They meet for a 1/2 hour, swear in Parliment and call it a day? There is too much infighting. and I hate the fact that the U.S. Soldiers are the ones with the most to lose and least to gain in that f'k up hell hole.
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This is effing ridiculous! How is this solving anything? We need to put the Fed on a budget... oh wait, they supposedly have one of those.

I doubt numbskull will take it to $20 trillion. That's a lot of money to squander in just 2 years.

As for Iraq, that's electocracy at work.
That's a shame. I'm shocked that this is the fourth time in five years. How about they take some steps to get out of debt(and I don't mean raising the taxes and healthcare of us common folk or cutting educational programs) What kind of example are they setting? Even though you're already in debt, don't worry! it's ok just raise the limit on your credit cards! take out some more loans!
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