Scream for Darfur

Is anyone going to attend the "Scream for Darfur" rallies being held tomorrow in Washington, San Francisco, and Toronto? I've never been to a rally, but I think I may go.
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Did you go? If so, how was it?
Less than 24 hours notice is not sufficient for me but I would have participated if I could have. I have been through four different states over the last couple of weeks for work and none of them were the rally points. Did you participate? What was the turnout?

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Well, unfortunately I got there a little late, so I missed some stuff, but there were approximately 1000 people there, many youth, which was good to see. There were speeches from some politicians, like Jack Layton, head of the NDP party here. They did a 10 second scream instead of the usual minute of silence, which I thought was appropriate, since the people of Darfur have no voice. I just wish there was more I could do. Here's a link to a newspaper article with more details, if interested:

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