How are your local politics?

Just out of curiosity, what's the state of your local politics? Do you see much corruption among your city councils, your mayors, or in your police departments? I am wondering at what point in a politician's career that he or she starts to become corrupt. When does he or she begin to look out for #1 instead of the people?

In my city, you can't turn around downtown without bumping into someone hired by their brother/sister-in-law/golfing buddy. Nepotism is rampant. Our mayor embraces this and doesn't even try to hide his connections. It's infuriating.
Our locals are corrupt. The same few people have pretty much been in charge since I was a kid. We have a few political families, and when one gets too old, it gets passed on to their kids. No one ever even runs against them. And every single one of them are exactly like their elders.

Our current mayor, his dad was mayor when I was a kid. He was a corrupt cop before. 2 elections ago he got in a bit of a bind trying to sell property that wasn't his (a complete misunderstanding of course ). Last election, voter fraud. And yet. . . he's still our mayor.
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My local, local politics are wild right now. There's an ongoing feud between two council members in my township, with allegations of violence and restraining orders and etc. It's laughably provincial.

As to our politics in general, aside from rampant conservatism, the county is pretty stable politically at this time. There have been a few instances of embezzlement, so things are watched pretty closely now. Of course, several of the schools are falling apart and can't pass a levy to save their poor, crumbling halls, but that's business as usual in these here parts, I guess. (Glad I went to school elsewhere.)
Well, in UT the latest, or maybe ongoing, squabbles I read about deal with alcohol; whether to tax that more, allow bars to go public, allow more bars, oh & if they're thinking of upping the alcohol sin tax, why not add a sin tax to other things like coffee & more for cigarettes.

I've read & heard there's a whole bunch of nepotism here too, but it's not in, or just in, gov't.

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