DC Voucher program

Someone asked me in a thread how Obama had any influence on the DC school district and the ending of the voucher program. Sorry it took so long to get back on it...my temp boss is literally nuts...he's got mental issues that are possibly wrapped up in dementia, early stages of Alzheimer's and we're starting to wonder about bi-polar now...makes life at work tough...it's not good when you start dreaming about it!

Anyway, here are a few links and articles. I realize not everyone will consider them 'valid' sources, but it's what I can find at the moment.



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Obama killed the voucher program cuz it's a horrible program.
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"It's sad that we have to provide vouchers in order to have school choice, but it's horrific that these kids that were using these vouchers as a way to escape the violence and stupidity of government schools are now going to be forced back into them just for the sake of keeping the union money flowing into the coffers of corrupt politicians.

*How's that for a sentence? "Mike from PA

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