Question for anyone who works in healthcare with small kids at home

I have an 11 week old at home and recently went back to work every other week. I work in a hospital lab and am PARANOID about bringing something gross home on my scrubs or hands or basically any part of me. My coworkers have small kids and they don't worry at all, and I've never gotten sick or anything. I wear gloves and a lab coat and wash my hands constantly but I know there is no way to completely avoid nasty stuff. I don't see patients but I do work with "body fluids" and go on biopsies etc.

Does anyone else worry about this stuff? Does anyone know if it's hard to spread germs to a baby? I'm not talking colds or flu or sickness, I'm talking germs like I work with urines, pap smears, bronchial specimens that kind of thing and all I can think is that I don't know what these people have. Am I being a crazy worrier???
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As a nurse, I would work with very sick people and then go home to my kids. I never brought them anything. I think just common sense precautions are enough...wash your hands before leaving work and upon reaching home, remove work clothing (including shoes) as soon as you get home, and treat personal items as potential vectors (purse, phone, stethoscope, etc.) and give them quick wipe down with alcohol occasionally.

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