Funniest/dumbest unsolicited advice?

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Posts: 41,035 is your little one doing?
MUCH better, thanks for asking. She's on two meds and responding well. She's walking unassisted and her gait looks normal most of the time. She still can not run but she's getting faster and has learned to scoot around doing this little gallop that is pretty speedy.

She does have some off days from time to time, but usually they'll be followed by a HUGE leap forward. We saw the neuro again about two weeks ago and he expects a full recovery.

As all the tests haven't shown anything (MRI, blood test, genetic testing, etc), he thinks in a while (and I'm guessing this will be a few years out), we might take her off the meds to see if it is just a quirk in her development.

Things are looking much MUCH better!
CGNYC, I'm so glad to hear that your daughter is improving and is expected to recover fully. I've been wondering about you and how things were going since you posted about it a few months ago.

On topic, my mother disagreed with swaddling C because it kept his arms immobile. I was like, Mom, that's the point, so he won't whack himself in the face and wake up.
I remembered another one.

When my boys were newborns, people were always telling me to put rice cereal in their bottles.

I once had a woman act like my husband was a deadbeat because I went to the grocery store in the week after I gave birth. I was like, um, I had a very uncomplicated delivery, why shouldn't I be out and about? and it was a beautiful spring day and I was stir crazy.
Not necessarily funny or dumb, but two bits from my trip to Wegmans today that pi$$ed me off...

In the bulk food/candy section, buying some walnuts, about 3/4 of the way through our shopping trip. Solomon asks for a lemonhead. I say sure and grab him one (anything to get through a shopping trip with a toddler and a baby, right?). Employee nearby shoots me a nasty look. I thought it was because I didn't weigh/bag the lemonhead to pay for it, so I said "He's not going to eat it, he's just going to play with it while it's in the wrapper." (after 5 minutes or so he usually does ask me to open it for him, at which point he holds it in his hand and licks it like a lollipop, he doesn't put the whole thing in his mouth and I watch him closely to make sure he doesn't). The lady then, in a nasty way, said that it was a choking hazard. I can totally dig where she was coming from and if she said it nicely like "He could choke and it would be a liability for the store" I would definitely understand. But she was very rude and nasty about it.

Seconds later, an older woman (70's probably) looked at Abram, who was wrapped on my back, and the following conversation ensued...
Her: Is he secure like that?
Me: (with a smile) Absolutely!
Her: He doesn't look comfortable. (he was sort of leaning to the side, to look over my shoulder)
Me: He is.
Her: So YOU say.
Me: (with a smile) Well, he'd be crying if he wasn't.
Her: We did things differently in my day.
Me: (walking away, under my breath, I don't think she heard) Lucky for me.
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CGNYC - just read what you've gone through with your daughter (from another thread). Brought tears to my eyes.

What a relief it was to read she's doing better!
Thanks for thinking of us! It's been scary but she's getting better. She's not improving as quickly as she was a few months ago and it's hard not to get a little freaked out at times, but our neuro seems confident and he's been great so far (we've seen some who weren't so great) so we're staying hopeful! Keep us in your Ts and Ps!

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