stay at home moms do you have a schedule

im a new stay at home mom and i was just wondering besides being busy with baby what other activites or hobbies do you do do you have a schedule when your husband comes home does he take over parenting or do still have to do everthing lol
My answer is pretty different from when I just had one baby, so I'll answer for when I just had one.

I tried to have set activities each day of the week, planned around baby's naptimes. Stuff like grocery shopping, Story Hour at the library, playgroups, etc. Getting out of the house helped me deal with the monotony. During naps I would try to get stuff done around the house, though admittedly I'm a terrible housekeeper. When my husband would get home (and same now) we greet him and give kisses, then I try to give him a few minutes to put all his stuff away and change his clothes, then he'd take the baby (or now, the toddler) to play for a while so I could start/finish/work on dinner.

My husband never "took over" parenting when he came home, but I didn't have to do everything either. With young babies, I tend to do more of the work because they just need their moms more. My husband does way more of the work with our 2.5-year-old now when he's home. In general though, we consider it 50/50 when he's home. Sometimes of course he'll take both boys and tell me to relax a bit, but in general it's both of us.
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