hair thinning after pregnancy

I was wondering about this . . . I'm about 7 1/2 months pregnant and am thinking I'll wait to get my hair cut until some time after the baby is born. I figure it'll be pony tails and buns for a good while during the initial 'survival' mode with a newborn, and then my hair will be changing so I might as well wait.

Now I'm just feeling easily overheated in the DC summer and am experimenting with ways to keep my hair off my neck, but I'm also trying to enjoy its thickness/curliness while it lasts. If anyone has ideas for coping with the changing post-partum hair--I'd love to see pics or hear stories! (I feel a little silly to be caring about my hair at a time like this, but I figure it's good to think about silly stuff sometimes, not only the serious 'car seat, pediatrician, what if's' type thoughts.)
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I know your hair can thin out a little after having a baby but is it normal for it to start thinning 4 months post-partum? The last week or so has been crazy, like a LOT is coming out. Not in clumps or anything but a lot more than normal.
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It's very normal. My bathroom looks like bigfoot died in it.
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