I'm in mourning...

I still haven't cut Isaiah's hair and he'll be 4 in September. I'll cut it when he asks. He knows people dig his hair, so I don't think that will be anytime soon. When wet it is down his back, but dry it does hit his shoulders. I'll be willing to trim when it does.

My MIL said that hubby's father took him to get his hair cut ("his beautiful little curls" her words) without telling her. She just came home and, gone.

A$$ kickings would have been issued to all involved.

I'm another mom who let my boy rock a mohawk. In fact, this is the first summer since he was 6 that he hasn't had one (he is 9). Now he is growing his hair out and he gets the "looks like a girl" comments. I don't think he looks like a girl.

Aidan has a "little boy" haircut- it was a compromise since his dad wanted to buzz it. He plays with his hair before he goes to sleep and I thought it would be awful to leave him with nothing. I missed his baby curls in the back after it was cut, but he looks cute and he still has his baby face.

Now my daughter hacked off all of her beautiful hair in September one morning while I was in the shower. I was horrified, but I think it's because I was never allowed to have long hair and I know my mother made comments to Maya about her hair being unattractive. She is growing it back and I am doing my best to keep my mother's commentary from mattering to her.

Pixie, Sol looks adorable with or without his hair. I get what you are saying though. It will grow back

Awwwww!!!! Is he a TimBit?!?!??!
Originally Posted by CurlyCanadian;1409574[/quote

Yes he is!

This is what his hair was like 2 months before I had it cut.

Long, blonde, 3a/mostly b hair.

Sol is such a cutie pie.

I totally understand mourning the longer hair. I had a similar experience when Catherine went from hair down her back, to a short stylish bob. I got over it quickly because she loved it so much, as did everyone else.
Bumping because now Aidan's hair is all gone. I told his dad just a trim, to clean up the edges, but this is what he ended up with:

That does it for me...reading this thread has made me resolved to never let my husband cut my son's hair! I'll take him to a proper salon when the time comes...LOL

My nephew had the cutest curls when he was Sol's age. My SIL's FIL thought he looked too "girly" and cut them all off one day, without my SIL's permission. She was horrified. If anyone did that to either of my kids, they'd be facing one heck of an angry mama.
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Oh F, I'm sooo sorry! I would be heartbroken too. (((Hugs))) mama!
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