Baby bottle recs needed...

With Sandhya used the Evenflo glass ones and then went to the Avent sippy cups.

With Karan, who took a bottle for a lot longer, we had used the Playtex Ventaire bottles. We had good luck with those, but then the BPA ban happened in Canada and they were all recalled. I haven't been in the baby aisle for a while now but I believe there is a BPA free version of them now.
Originally Posted by mad scientist
Sorry to guano, but were these a pain at all? I would imagine they would break upon hitting the ground/floor?
Originally Posted by realistic
I switched to plastic once they had throwing ability. The Evenflo bottles are inexpensive, buying a second set was no big deal.
RCW, yes Maddie will be 1 on Thursday. I need to find a way to make a dairy free cake with frosting for her.
Originally Posted by medussa
happy birthday sweet girl!

Have you heard of Cherrybrook Farms boxed cake mixes? They are totally free of the 9 main allergens. Its may seem like overkill for just a milk allergy, but they are very tasty and easy to make. If you can use Earth Balance margarine, you can make frosting.
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Thanks. I was planning on going to my local health food store. I'm hoping I can find something good there. I'll keep an eye out for the Cherrybrook Farms mix.
Originally Posted by medussa
Kroger has this one too!

Come swag with me!
It also doesn't help that she's still nursing on demand and has very little interest in eating food for nourishment. She snacks on stuff, but she's still getting most of her calories and fat from breastmilk.
Originally Posted by medussa
Actually, it does help. Your breastmilk is still the perfect food for her, and more calorie- and nutrient-dense than most anything else she can eat. So if she knows she needs to keep her weight on and try to gain, that may be why she's showing a preference for nursing over solids. Of course if you want her to eat more and nurse less, you can try to encourge her to eat calorie-dense foods.
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Have you seen the Nuby sippy cups? That's what we used to introduce Soren to cups, skipped bottles all together.

Originally Posted by Sigi
You have a kid named Soren? One of my good friends has a kid named Soren. Very unusual name! Sorry to guano.

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