The boys are home!

My boys are home, finally! After 6 weeks in the NICU, they are both here and adjusting to home life swimmingly. Vincent came home on 7/2 after 42 days in the NICU - on their 6-week birthday, and Anthony came home on day 45. We had a bit of concern with Anthony because he had an inguinal hernia (some of the intestine poked into his little ball :'-( ) and had to have an operation to correct it. But it is an extremely common condition and procedure for preemies, and he came through easily and came home shortly thereafter.

I'm SO much more relieved, relaxed and de-stressed now that they're home. I was wired for the whole 6 weeks they were in the hospital. The sleep-deprived lifestyle of newborn parents pales in comparison.

At home, the dogs even love the babies. We had been concerned about how the dogs would act with the babies, but they've been model hounds. They are certainly interested in and curious about the babies, but have never shown any aggression or misbehavior towards them. They perk up their ears when a baby makes a sound, and they sit alert and sniff and look at them. The first couple of days (and nights) the dogs stood vigil by our bedroom door where we are keeping the babies most of the time, but now, after 10-14 days, the dogs sleep in their normal spots through the night. I let them give the babies little kisses too. It's so sweet. Otto (the big Shepherd) gives big licks, while Zelda (the mutt) gives tiny little kisses on their feet and elbows, in particular.

The photobucket of babies in my sig is updated. But for a teaser, here are some of my favorite pictures:

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OMG! They're so adorable. Glad to know they're finally home and doing well! All those pictures are adorable!

On an unrelated note, what's scary to me is that now seeing pictures of little bitty newborns is almost giving me teensy baby fever again. I'm nuts.
I love that first one. It's like he's about to say, "What's that? I couldn't hear you."

They are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing!
Oh my lawrd!!!!! My baby clock has never ticked like it did looking at those pics.....they are absolutely beautiful
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They are beautiful!! Congratulations on their homecoming. Rheanna, I always get baby fever when I see newborns... you'd think I'd have learned by now, but they are!
Oh they are adorable!! Such sweet little guys, glad you are all finally home!
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How lucky are you to have two such little cutie pies! CONGRATS!

I love when twins are all squished together, just like they were in the womb. Too sweet!
They're beautiful. That second pic is so cute I can't stand it! Congratulations!
Congratulations! They are beautiful! And I like the story about dog kisses . . . wondering how my 12-year-old bull dog (aka the queen) will do when the new baby comes home. She is super-gentle with kids, but will have to get used to a whole new being (frequently a loud, smelly being) and to not having her schedule predominate.
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How sweet! Congratulations on their homecoming.
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They are so friggen cute!
How adorable are those little guys!

How cute!

The little guy will do wonderfully with the surgery. I'm sure.

My nephew had a hernia surgery when he was 3.5-4 months. He's doing wonderfully now. He's about to be 1!

I had a hernia operation when I was 5 years old. I still remember. It was not fun.

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Oh my goodness, as if one baby wasn't cute enough...the two of them together is just precious! I absolutely love that second picture, so stinking cute!!

That third pic is just gorgeous (well, they all are actually!) they look like they're plotting something. Too cute.
It's a relief when the dogs behave isn't it - we had a shepherd when my boys were born and people were very concerned about the situation, some thought we should get rid of him, but he never put a foot wrong and was very protective of them whenever we went out for walks.
Glad they're home safe and well.
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AHHH!!! How can you handle that much cuteness at once? I'm so glad they're home and doing must be a huge relief! Enjoy your little guys!
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They are adorable!! I am so glad they are home.
Ooooh, how cute! I'm sure it must be wonderful to finally have them home. My little guy only spent 5 days in the NICU and that seemed like forever.

Btw, are those Aden & Anais swaddling blankets? I've been eyeing those for my little guy since he loves to be swaddled and he's outgrowing the ones I have now.
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How wonderful! Congrats on having them home!

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Thank you for all the responses!

In more baby news, I also just got the test results that the boys are IDENTICAL!! aaaaahhhhhh!!!! I had been thinking that they really do look a LOT alike, (I honestly couldn't tell them apart untill a few days ago ....) but I thought it might just be that they are sibling newborns. But no, there is a reason they look (and act) so much alike!

Also, on the BF'ing topic (since it has been discussed a lot here), these guys are champion breastfeeders. I had been pumping and providing them expressed breastmilk for their whole NICU stay. And while there I always kangarooed them for hours every day. And now I feed them simultaneously! Woo hoo!!

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And yes, they are aden and anais blankies. Love love love them! I found them completely by accident in this foo-foo baby store. Decided to buy some just because I had a coupon for the place. Now I srsly need to buy stock in the company bc I love the blankets so much, I've bought a ton more. They're not cheap, but they're worth it. And Ive found the best deal on them from amazon. $30-35 for a 4-pack. Rather than $44 for 4 retail. Breathable muslin cotton is great for the summer.

Photobucket of Babies:
Fotki of Hair through the Ages:

CG Since October 29, 2009.
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