Baby girl suddenly not interested in her bottle

My 6 month old daughter (today actually, happy 6 months Avery!) suddenly doesn't seem all that interested in her bottle/formula. She was easily eating 5 oz at each feeding. Now 5 is a challenge to get in her. I don't force her but she wants to stop after 3 and that's not good.

I just talked to my mom and I had fed her at 6:30 before work and my mom tried to feed her around 10 and she only took 1 oz, then again right now and she woulnd't drink any. So my mom mixed up some oatmeal and she's taking that like crazy.

I started her on oatmeal a couple weeks ago and green beans last week. She also popped out a tooth and has another one just breaking through. Her mouth doesn't seem to be hurting at all, but I wonder if her bottle hurts her gums? Or maybe it did in the past and now she associates the bottle with pain?? Maybe she just likes food better?

What do you all think?
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If I remember correctly, my boys appetite decreased a during teething. Even if it doesn't look like it hurts them, it still might be a little tender, or uncomfortable. Changes in our mouth take time to get used to, and I imagine it worse if you've never experienced it before.

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