Already missing Ava being little bitty

Well now I feel funny. Before I complained about Ava wanting to be held all the time. Now I'm whining about the fact that she doesn't seem to want to be held. She's sitting up great now and prefers sitting and playing with her toys. She almost seems to feel crowded when I hold her long unless we're walking around looking at things. She's not content to just sit and bounce on my lap most of the time but she loves me playing in the floor with her and so on. The last few nights, she's slept 10-11 hours without waking at all and she actually fell asleep for a nap all by herself this afternoon. She hasn't ever done that before.

I'm proud of her for settling and getting bigger, but now I'm already sad and missing my little tiny baby. Is this normal or am I just warped? lol
totally normal!

C is going to be 1 in 2 weeks! I am freaking that she is not my little baby anymore. She is such an independent little girl,starting to toddle around! I miss when she would just sleep on my chest.

I have been reorganizing our storage room and I came across the shirt that S wore home from the hospital. It is soooo itty bitty (3month,he is in 4 T now!)

Come swag with me!
i remember when majerle was an infant i would always talk about how i couldn't wait to hear her voice, learn what type of personality she had, and overall how i couldn't wait for her to start walkin, talking, and doing things. fast forward 3 yrs--the kid doesn't stop walking or talking or doing things! now i have to ask her if i can hold her...and sometimes she indulges me.
Yeah, they grow up so freaking fast. With my older son, I also couldn't wait until he would reach the next milestone and feel like I didn't truly enjoy those first newborn weeks because I was so freaking exhausted. Now I look back and can't believe how fast it went.
This time around even though I'm dead tired, I'm making it a point to truly relish each moment.
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Is this normal or am I just warped? lol
Originally Posted by Rheanna

It's both normal AND warped. LOL

There's an awful lot of parenting that is bittersweet. You want them to grow up, but it's heartbreaking that they're growing up...which is stupid to be brokenhearted about, because growing up is the goal of raising children. I love my kids growing up, but I miss my babies so badly. They're all completely different beings now than the beings I brought into the world.
It is totally normal. I have mixed feelings when my nearly 4 year old son proudly says to me "Mom! I'm growing up!" I am happy that he is growing up to be such a nice little boy, but those days where I bundled him up and snuggled him certainly are missed.

Luckily, I have a son who loves to I can hang on to those memories a bit longer.
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I feel the same way, Rheanna. I can't believe my tiny baby turned into this rambunctious, 26 pound toddler that is running and climbing all over my house. It's so fun to watch her grow and discover new abilities, but I miss having an itty bitty baby.

Totally normal. I savored every moment of newbornness and really miss it. I'm enjoying toddlerhood now but am very nostalgic for that first year. =)

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