Baby boy names .... arrrrgggh

I like Cole and Colton.

I had planned on Benjamin if either of my girls had been boys.

I also really like Dean.

Using my iphone. Expect typos.
Two of my sons have the last name thing going on (LOL): Bennett and Preston

Then my other son has a Scandinavian name: Soren

My grandpa was from Denmark so some of his kids got names that reflect that: Thorvald, Marius, Hans, Ole

Other names I like are:
Originally Posted by Sigi
I'm partial to Felix.

I LOVE Kristjan - very cool.

Rock on with your bad self.


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DH and I couldn't agree on boy names, so it's a good thing we had a girl. We do agree on George. I love that name. :-) Some of my other favorites are:

James (Jay as in Gatsby)
Charles (Charlie)

I like traditional names that have meaning.

Good luck!
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I forgot about Charles. A good friend of mine is a Charles and uses it professionally but his friends all call him Charlie. I love that name
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Here are a few I like: Aston, Carson, Carter, Corey, Harper, Hudson, Jaxon Julian, Kingsley, Kyler, Lawson, Leighton, Lennox, Liam, Peyton, Preston, Raiden/ Raydon,Tanner, Trebor, Wesley, Wyatt.

Sorry if those sound too much like last names just throwing some more ideas out there for ya.
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my boys are Elijah and Michael but i sooo wish i would have gone with my first choices Gage and Ivan
I feel your pain! We had the CUTEST girl names picked out & lo & behold- it's a boy! I like Porter <very much a last name> and our son likes Rex he likes dinosaurs so I'm sure it's after T-Rex...> We don't exactly hate it- so it's a possibility... I really like boy names that are slightly uncommon but not crazy. And I like ones that end in "er"... Good luck!
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Boys names are so hard i feel your pain.

We decided on boy names really easily, we barely even discussed it, they were always going to be what they are!
They're Nicholas Matthew and Alexander Liam, so from your list obviously I'm biased.I like all your choices apart from Sean which I've always had a strange dislike for, your DH's not so much. I like classic names that won't date or don't belong to a particular generation and also like long names that can be shortened if the child wants it to be.
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Colton was on my list last go round. I really like Aaron (my brother's name).

Ryker makes me think of Riker's Island. It's a cool name, but that's the association for me. When he grows up, it might give him some street cred! LOL!
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How about Jake or Davis or David?
I have Nathan, Luke, and Samuel and am pregnant with #4. I can't for the life of me think of another boy name that hubby and I both like enough to use.

Some options that have basically already been shot down are Joel, Asher, and Jude.

My husband is scandinavian too...his male family members are Axel, Sven, Knute, Gunnar, Eric, and Arne.
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I like Aspen, Exavier, Terrance, Jacob, Jasper Samuel

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Picking names for us was pretty easy. My SO got me a baby name book when we found out I was pregnant and I pretty much went page by page and picked the names I liked and my SO narrowed it down from there. It was cool because we found names we both like and didnt have any issues picking names. If you haven't yet try going through a baby name you could find a name that you both really like but didnt think of.
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