I don't think I can get pregnant

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Long story short I haven't been trying to get prego but I wouldn't mind if I was either. For 2 1/2 years I haven't used condoms .... I use to b on birth control . But stopped. Im just very depressed and don't have money to go to the doctor right now.

Originally Posted by NaturallySade
Have you thought about the fact that if you don't have the money for a doctor you don't have the money to raise a child?
Originally Posted by sdc
Yeah, kids are expensive as hell.
Maybe there is a reason you can't get pg right now, ya know? Not meant to be a jerk response, just something to think about. I know it's cliche, tho I do believe everything happens for a reason and comes in its own time...g/l
Ya, I'm thinking that, you're 21? I think there's a reason you can't get pregnant. The universe is giving you a pass.

It's just too young to be settling down and starting a family. I know you FEEL sure, but it's probably not the right decision.

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