Baby #3 is here

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Camille Beatriz was born August 1 at 4:43 pm. She was 6lbs 7ozs and 20 inches long at 36 weeks. She is the biggest out of my three.

We only just got home yesterday because she needed some light therapy to clear her jaundice. Nursing is not going well but we will keep trying.

She has a ton of hair that may not be curly. Time will tell.

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Congrats! She is so adorable <3

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Awww! She's beautiful! Congratulations. I didn't know you were having a girl.

One of my good friends (woman) is the youngest and has 3 older brothers. She's a little firecracker. I've always wanted older brothers.

How are the boys liking their baby sister?
She is adorable! Congrats
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Wow what a cutie! Congrats!

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To Trenell, MizKerri and geeky:
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Geeky is my hero. She's the true badass. The badass who doesn't even need to be a badass. There aren't enough O's in cool to describe her.
Congrats! What a pretty name for a pretty baby. Hope you are ALL doing well.
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Congratulations, pretty baby.
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Congratulations! I love love love Camille. That was going to be this baby's middle name if he had been a girl.

She's adorable! Congratulations!
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Congratulations!! A beautiful girl to go with your beautiful boys.

Congrats on your beautiful family, and I hope nursing gets better for you. Her hair looks like both my sons' hair looked at birth - #1 has super-curly hair and it's still early with #2 but it looks as if his will be curly - I am assuming logically that it will be.

Enjoy her - I love her name, by the way!
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Congrats She's gorgeous

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Oh my goodness, she is GORGEOUS!! I love the's so sweet. Congrats and get lots of rest.
Congrats on your precious daughter!! Hang in there with the BF, she'll figure it out

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