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I haven't been on here in so long and thought I would pop in today and see what has been going on with everyone. I started a new job last year that has kept me quite busy. In March, I underwent breast reduction surgery and my son and I spent a month with my parents while I recovered. In May/June, DS lost his first teeth. That was a bit of a shock because the average age is 6 for shedding the bottom two teeth. His adult teeth are growing in nicely, so it must have been the right time for him.
In two weeks' time, he turns 5 and starts in French Immersion kindergarten.

And an updated picture from this summer:

Long, blonde, 3a/mostly b hair.

He's very handsome! Glad to hear things are going well, thanks for the update.
My gracious, he's so grown up!
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Great to hear from you!

He looks so much like my older on - same skin colour, hair, everything! WOW! So naturally I think he is a cutie J doesn't start kindergarten till next year, but I think we will do French milieu - it's a tough choice because there is a French immersion one just down the street that is a good school too, so it will be one or the other.
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