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I have a "proven pelvis" so it's a good possibility to deliver this baby vaginally, but DS was by Caesarian 4 years ago, and I'd rather not deal with the recovery and long term issues again at this stage in my life.

Wondering if the VBAC was a better recovery and if you had a vaginal birth before c- section ( like I did) how the two compared to each other.

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I can't offer any insight, tho wanted to wish you the best!
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My friends is supposed to be having a VBAC in about a month (fingers crossed), I will ask her provided it goes well.

FWIW, I have heard both anectodally and read generally that subsequent c-sections are more complex as far as both the surgery and the recovery, jut because working around the existing scar tissue is tougher and does not heal as well
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I had a VBAC after 3 c-sections. I didn't have a "proven pelvis" before my VBAC, so I can't compare, but I can't imagine a VBAC would be much different than any other vaginal birth.

What was the reason for your c-section? Is it something that would repeat? Is your doctor supportive of VBAC?
I had a vbac. My c-section was due to my pelvis being too small-supposedly. I went on to have a larger baby vaginally. The vbac is so much easier especially when you have another child to care for (I had 2 under 2).
Would have a vbac all over again.
@rcw. At 32weeks DS was in distress due to chylothorax and I had to have emergency csection .

Yes, my OB is supportive as well as the maternal fetal specialist for VBAC

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@rcw. At 32weeks DS was in distress due to chylothorax and I had to have emergency csection .

Yes, my OB is supportive as well as the maternal fetal specialist for VBAC
Originally Posted by Spider

Yikes. Poor guy.

No, that doesn't sound like a repeatable problem.

I think all women should at least try VBAC with subsequent babies after c-sections. You really have nothing to lose, and you have a LOT to gain (easier, less-painful recovery, healthier mom and baby). Laboring doesn't increase recovery time if you do happen to need another c-sec. With your proven pelvis, your chances of having a successful VBAC are pretty darn high. Just don't let them induce you, or augment your labor with pitocin or other drugs.
I had a wonderful VBAC in April and I'm very happy with my choice. It was my first vaginal delivery. If you've already had a vaginal birth, your odds for a successful VBAC are high.

A VBAC recovery shouldn't be any different from any other vaginal delivery. I walked around like I had been kicked in the crotch for 2 weeks, but I'll take that over surgery.
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Good luck! I have had 3 csections and have scheduled a 4th with the one I am pregnant with now, because after 3 surgery births no Dr around here will attempt a vbac! It was hard enough to get someone to try after 1!

I did go all out and try for a vbac with #2. I hired doulas with vbac expertise and traveled over an hour away to go to the most vbac friendly dr around. But alas, son #2 had different plans and I was 10 days overdue and out of fluid and baby was in distress so we went with the csection. I am so happy I tried though, no "what ifs" ya know?

I wish you the best of luck, from what I have heard and seen natural births look a lot better than the surgical way

I will say, for me, csections 2 and 3 were a lot easier than #1. I suppose that is because #1 was after 20 hours of labor with pitocin and I was cut with only my old epidural to numb me so I felt the incision and had to be knocked out with dilaudid. With #2 and #3 I had a spinal and no labor and recovery was quicker and easier than with #1.

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I've had c-secs with labor and without labor first, and there was no difference in terms of recovery pain or recovery time. I was told it would be "easier" by the doctor who did my 2nd c-sec (as a way to convince me to just-do-the-surgery), but it really wasn't easier, and I felt deceived afterwards when it hurt just as much.

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