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Baby James joined our family on Aug 20th weighing 7lbs 1oz and was 20 inches long!

Labor started on and off Friday but nothing really picked up until Saturday night...around 2ish contractions started every 10 mins lasting 1.5 mins each. They were hard contractions so I finally gave up on sleep. after getting up and walking around I found they were weakening and although every 5 mins or so they only lasted 30 seconds. I called my inlaws at 8am, along with the midwife. Midwife said to stay home until they were not tolerable. Inlaws were golfing so we figured we would justwait until 1pm when the were supposed to be home. 1pm came and went and I still felt good, so we put the kids down for a nap and DH napped too. I tried to nap but every time I laid down the contractions picked up. Around 5pm in laws stopped by to get the kids for dinner and DH and I decided to go into the hospital.

on the ride there the contractions were bad. mainly b/c i was sitting and could not really get comfortable. Walking into the center alone I had 4 contractions where I had to stop and rock against the wall. But NOTHING like the pitocion induced contractions I had with Steven

Got into the room and the nurse checked me. I was ready to push. We filled up the tub and I got in around 7:35. Got out about 15 mins later b/c the tub was just too hot for me. Got into the bed around 7:55 and he was out at 8:02, about 1 hour after getting to the hospital. There was meconium present and the cord was wrapped tightly around his neck, but no tearing or anything for me. We were discharged 24 hours later and have been adjusting at home since.

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Come swag with me!
aaawwww congrats!

quick question, what does sitting in a hot bath help with? Is it just for relaxing?

Nice birth story! Thanks for sharing it. Cute baby. Enjoy him.
Congratulations on your beautiful little one. You make it sound so easy

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Aw, he's adorable! Congrats!
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He's so cute and he really favors you!
Congratulations! He's adorable!
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Congratulations. I love how newborns look like they just woke up from a very long nap.
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