Arsenic in Apple Juice

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So did anybody read up or see the Dr. Oz show on the arsenic in apple juice?

Apparently we get apple concentrate from Brazil, Argentina and China. They use pesticides (with arsenic) on their apples...then make apple concentrate that comes to the U.S....we add water to it...making apple juice. FDA does not limit amount of arsenic in apple concentrate or apple juice.

Here is the info from Dr. Oz.

Measured 10 parts for billion

Water is 10 highest (regulated by FDA)
Minute Maid Lowest 2 Highest 3
Apple and Eve Lowest 3 Highest 11
Motts Lowest 4 Highest 16
Juicy Juice Lowest 2 Highest 22
Gerber Lowest 6 Highest 36

Test done in 3 citys, 5 brands and 3 dozen samples...

Thoughts on this?
Wow...that's scary.

Maybe it could account for some childhood conditions (autism,leukemias...etc) since people/kids have been drinking apple juice from these companies for years. More research is in order.
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My only comment is that our government has allowed our food supply to become effed up.
My only comment is that our government has allowed our food supply to become effed up.
Originally Posted by CGNYC
This. And if a label on a food product says "China" on it, I do not purchase. That is the government that allowed melamine in baby formula and dog food. I'm sure they don't have any scruples about what goes into human food either,
Yes I heard about that.
I was never a big fan of Apple juice unless it's the organic stuff. Looks cloudy, but taste great!
Not that I don't agree that the U.S. food supply has serious issues, but this arsenic thing is b.s. The test the Dr. Oz show used only tested for total arsenic, which includes both organic (not the same thing as the whole organic farming thing) and inorganic arsenic. Both are found naturally in foods, and only inorganic arsenic is dangerous depending on the amount. And Dr. Oz knows that, because the FDA informed him before the show aired, but he did the show anyway, because scaring the hell out of parents is great for ratings.

I'd be more concerned about the huge amounts of sugar, rather than arsenic, in apple juice.
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Eres o te haces?

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I find the FDA and Dr.Oz to both be questionable. I think that more testing is needed to deem apple juice completely unsafe. Dr.Oz has caused a stir (regardless of his findings being accurate or not) that may make more people aware of what is going on with our food. Just because the FDA says it's safe doesn't mean it is necessarily safe.

Right now, owning small sustainable farm sounds nice.

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Interesting Legends...I didn't realize there are 2 types of arsenic. Your answer is the reason I posted this to open up the discussions because I thought maybe there was another side.

My feeling is that they are probably both hiding something. I really don't trust either without my own research.

I don't give my kids a lot of juice...never have just because of the sugar intake. As they get older they ask for it...but it's never a daily's a treat in my house.
There's not much for the FDA to hide on this one, though. If Dr. Oz cared to, he could have easily sent out for the more specific testing, and if those tests found dangerous amounts of inorganic arsenic, he would have had evidence that no one would argue with (assuming he used a reputable lab, etc.). But he didn't go that route, preferring to flat out fear-monger.
Eres o te haces?
That's Dr. Oz of late. More sensationalism than sense.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
^^^^ Kinda off topic. Even from the commercials Dr. Oz seems to be going for shock value. Reminds of how Maury all of a sudden started acting more opinionated with his guests like the producers coached him.
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So Consumer Reports did further testing...on the 2 types of arsenic...their reports are the same as Dr. Oz's. It's the bad arsenic in apple juice.

I'm glad I don't give my kids a lot of juice. The only time they get it is in a McD's happy meal...because I don't give them soda...and DD drinks soy milk so juice is the only option.

Thoughts on the new findings?

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