Vbac after 2 c-sections

A little about me...I have two children and I am married. I love my family to pieces but I feel a longing for apart of me I have never got a chance to experience....Im talking about natural labor, with my first and last child I had repeat c-sections..But I feel wronged...the only reason for my first c-section was that I was 40 wks and only 1 cm dilated..only during delivery did they notice a wrapped cord....With my second a son I had dilated to six cm attemping a vbac, baby was well strong beat through out all contractions...it was quite obvious doctor didnt want to do vbac btw....so after only 10 hrs she checks me and says baby is not faced right we have to go to surgury, only to find out they had to PULL BABIES HEAD OUT OF MY PELVIS....he was crowning...This lead to bad post pardum....My question is do you ladies think its possible to go have a vbac after two c-sections successfully. Im not pregnant yet, but DH just gave the green light....I want to be prepared to get the experience I long....its not right.....pls help.
Sorry for length and any inevitable errors thanks

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I had a VBAC after 3 previous c-sections. I did it at home with a midwife though, not in a hospital. I don't want to discourage you, but it's pretty darn hard to get a VBAC in hospital, let alone a VBA2C. If you choose to go for a VBA2C, do your research now, and find a supportive caregiver who has the same values as you...whether that be a doctor or a midwife (midwives aren't automatically pro-natural), and choose your venue very carefully.
Based on what you have written I don't see why not.

Thanks so much, Ive just started doing research on ways to make my uterus stronger and such. My husband says he will do all possible to help locate a supportive doctor....both previous doctors were knife happy....we dnt want a replay of last time...while I was depressed about my births I am thankful for my healthy children....they are the most important. I would not phantom going through with this if I felt there was any legit reason I should not ya know...I really do think I can handle it ladies. One lady in another post said "some women just cook their babies longer" lol...In my case I just needed longer dilation time ....

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Good luck with your vbac. I had a vbac in a hospital. It was great! Completely different than my induction hell with c-section.

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