Sad going to school

I haven't been here in a while! Hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to ask a question because you all have such varied opinions and experiences.

Harry is in full day preschool for the second year in a row. He loves it, is doing great academically, and has lots of friends. Lately, he's had a slate of colds, 1 ear infection, then another cold, and his sensory issues have ramped up (clothing/texture refusal, sound sensitivity, sleep issues). We've also had a change in schedule at home, due to DH's new teaching job (yay!) which means that both boys go to daycare for 1 hour after school to cover the gap between me and DH, so there's been some separation anxiety.

What's happening is that in the mornings, he's saying he doesn't feel well, has a cold, etc. and wants to stay home. We've kept him home a couple of times and he's been fine. Other times, we've brought him to school, he's wept at departure, but then had a great day. We've talked to the teachers and they say there's no problem in the classroom, and that he's completely himself once he gets there.

All I can think is that, because of the issues above (colds, schedule change, sleep issues), he's going through a phase where getting up for school is difficult. Long story short (too late!) does anyone have some words of wisdom on how to power through this? We want him to continue liking school. When he's sad, we tell him to try going to class and if he's too sad, we will come back to get him in 30 minutes (which has never happened). I don't know if maybe a sticker chart could work. He likes working toward rewards. We might do that for clothing choices, as he doesn't want to wear appropriate clothing.

I'm rambling. I turn it to you, curlies. How do we keep things positive and try to "reason" with a 4yo?
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My 4 year has moments of " I hate school" but mainly due to a little boy with behavior issues and my son is the object of his unwanted attention. The school has talked to me several times and the mom is trying to get him help, and if it does not improve he will not be attending this school ( the other boy)

That said, I try to encourage my son to understand the situation and go to the teachers when he needs help; but since he is starting kgarten next fall, I know there will always be challenges with situations and with other kids.

I feel if I make too much fuss it will cause more problems in the future

Regarding your son and the illnesses, has he had his flu shot? Does he take vitamins and wash his hands as much as possible? I'm just thinking of preventative measures that may help boost his immunity and exposure to germs. Sadly most preschools/ day cares are cesspools!

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He's had the flu shot, takes vitamins fairly regularly, and washes his hands most of the time (with reminding). He has a history of antibiotic-resistant ear infections, which resulted in tubes in 2010. The tubes are out now and we seem to be having the same problems as before the tubes. He also has enlarged tonsils and adenoids and possible allergies, which compound the problem. We are headed back to the ENT in January to address all this.

Sorry about your son and that other boy. There were a couple of "strong personalities" in Harry's class last year that made for some difficulties. I'm very happy with this year's class. Much more mellow, which I know won't always be the case. But, these are the kids who will be in his kindergarten next year. The problem kids from last year are already in K this year.
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