Baby Boy is Here...

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This thread was bumped at a good time. Bryan turned 3 months today and is just an all around awesome little boy!! I know this is a lot of pics, but I can't decide which ones to put up.

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Cuteness itself! Thanks for sharing.
3b in South Australia.
He's got an adorable big gummy smile. I can almost hear the giggle. Too cute.
Awwww bless him bless him bless him thats one healthy happy baby ur boy is going to be a tall guy
FC, he's sooo cute. He looks like such a happy little guy.
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Oh my goodness, what a cutie pie. And that's infectious!

Thanks everyone. He's such a happy little guy. I have been very lucky in getting easy kids. I call him my Sugar Snaps and that will send him into a smiling fit which makes my day.

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Awww!!! You have beautiful children!

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