My Toddler Can Drive!!

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...all by himself (well almost). Seriously. Check it out!

Happy New Year!

Wheelchair Strolling - YouTube
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when all else
Awww...he looks so proud of himself!!! As he should be.
He's so adorable. I got a little choked up. What a sweetie. You can see his determination.
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Go, little guy! He has such a bright smile...such a cutie pie!
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He's doing a great job with backing up and turning. What a great grin.

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Nice seeing you on NC, fellow NPer (I'm creepy)
Originally Posted by AmberBrown
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when all else
I'm most proud he taught himself.

In two months, he improved like crazy!

What's cool is that most 2 year olds in his condition can do the same thing. Amazing!
when all else

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