Safety Procedures what age did you teach your kids... 911, your phone number, home address...etc?

I just realized the other day that neither of my kids know our home number/address/ 911. I've started with Chas trying to get him to memorize my cell number. He picked up 911 quickly...almost has my cell...hoping Addison picks up some listening.

What age did you guys do this?
Kindergarten. The teacher had it as one of the goals for the year to memorize their address and important numbers.
I taught them address and phone number as soon as they were old enough to have little conversations...around age 3ish. I did it with songs. Kids can memorize anything set to music. I made up the songs, so I can't recommend anything in particular. Just pick a tune that sounds good with your phone number and sing it a couple hundred times, and they will learn it.

I've been teaching my little 3 year old babysit-boy his address and phone number. His parents are either very impressed or ready to kill me, because they sing the song all the time (it's stuck in everyone's head at this point).
Somewhere between 3-4. I taught my daughter our phone number and 911 when she was 3, but it took a little longer for her to remember our address. I made up a song, like RCW, and it really stuck.
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Oh good Idea...I never thought about a song. Duh... They have songs for months of the year...days of the week... LOL! Now for a

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