What's going on with my cervix?

I went for my routine 32-week appt on Friday and told the Dr that I had been experiencing a lot of BH contractions and had some watery..leaking..going on. She checked my cervix and said I am already soft and it has opened on the outside already but is still closed on the inside. She was pretty concerned and ordered a fetal fibronectin to determine what my risk is of going into pre-term labor within the next two weeks.

I'm still waiting for the results this morning but she said even if it comes back negative for the next two weeks, it's still a little too early for this to be occuring so we're not out of the water. She wants to repeat the test again at my next appt to determine the risk at that point.

Anyone else experience this, this early? all the things that will need to happen if this does come back positive (like the cortisteroids) scares the pants off of me.

And if it comes back negative for now, does this mean I'll likely not make it all the way to my due date?
Did she do the ffn test before or after she checked your cervix? If anything went into your vagina within 24 hours of the test, it's most likely going to give you a false positive. If it comes back positive, I would ask her to repeat it with the proper guidelines followed.

I can't remember what the ffn results meant in real world terms. I think a negative is pretty safe as no labor in two weeks although your water can still break. A positive is not as reliable because of the risk of false positives but lets you take some precautions just in case.

What scares you about the steroids?

Water discharge can be normal. I had tons with one of my pregnancies. So much that I thought my water broke once.

Good luck. Please update when you can.

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