Hey ladies! New(-ish) baby!

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Hey ladies! I don't know if anybody remembers me, I haven't been around in a while, but I used to be fairly regular on the non-hair board. Anyway, I posted a few bump pictures, so I wanted to come and show a post-bump picture! So here she is!

Cecilia was born on June 25th at 8:03am, weighing 8lbs 7oz and 20.75in long. You can already see a few little curls appearing :-).
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Congratulations!! I was just thinking about you and that you had surely had your baby by now. What a beautiful baby! I love the photo.
I was wondering about your baby...congratulations! How exciting.
Congratulations! I have been wondering about you. She's adorable!

CONGRATULATIONS! Of course I remember you. She's lovely. Love the pic too!
So beautiful. Congratulations!

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Congratulations, what a lovely pic of a lovely baby! Pretty name too.
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Awwww, how pretty. :-)

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I remember you! Welcome to the cutie curly!
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Thanks girls! And thanks for remembering/thinking of me, I feel special! I'll probably keep lurking for a while, until I go back to work, lol. But it'll be nice to go back to talking about things not baby-related. Miss you guys!
What a perfect little girl! She is absolutely beautiful!!!
She is too cute! Congratulations!!! It took me awhile to get on and post after my first was born...way too exhausted.
Congrats! (And I love that she was born on my birthday... it's a great birthday, halfway around from Christmas!).
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You are beautiful!
Congrats! She's a cutie pie!
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Crats! She's very cute and I agree with Gretchen. June babies are great.
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i love that pic! congrats!!!
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I wish I had thought to take pictures of my babies like that when they were tiny. I am a stupid, unartistic parent...

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