Favorite baby clothes?

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Where do you like to buy baby clothes? I just spent $90 online for eight outfits at Carter's. I'm not going to go too crazy, but I want to buy a few things now that I know I'm having a boy.
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I got a lot of Carters stuff. I wouldn't buy too much of the small stuff because they grow so fast. Also if you're shopping now, keep in mind how old your baby will be in which seasons.

And I know we shouldn't assume people will buy you anything, but I'm pretty sure people will give you a lot of clothes.
Yes, a lot of the clearance stuff was winter, so I bought them in larger sizes. I'm not registering for any clothes, because I know my family will go crazy with this stuff anyways.
I think that I deceive genius.
I dress my kids in Old Navy, BabyGap, Children's Place, Gymboree, Crazy 8, Target, and Carter's.

I dress my kids in Old Navy, BabyGap, Children's Place, Gymboree, Crazy 8, Target, and Carter's.
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same here...

Just so you know...people love to buy little bitty baby stuff...so you will get tons of it. I now try to buy 12-18 months usually for people so they have something down the road.

Do you have an outlet mall near you?

Baby gap & The Children's Place were my top two.

I didn't like Carter's very much. None of it has ever fit my son well, and I didn't care for most of the styles.
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I don't always love the styles but you can't beat Hanna Andersson for quality. You can not wear that stuff out. The onesies have extra rows of snaps and roll up/down sleeves so they can wear them longer. LOVE. My daughter is almost seven so I've passed down a lot of Hanna to my nieces and it's all still going strong.
I love Carters for babies!

My kids are skinny and Carters fit them best. Children's Place and Osh Kosh always fit too wide. So its worth waiting to see about your baby's body type (-:

DD wore list of Carter's and now wears lots of Hanna Andersson and Gymboree. They are all heavier cotton that held up well. That being said, I haven't liked Carter's styles the last couple years.
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i check out gilt.com and zulilly.com for deals on designer clothing.
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I like zulily for unusual stuff. They have really good deals sometimes. For basics, I like Kohl's Sonoma and Jumping Beans lines. They work good for my tall, skinny kids (neither of my children have substantial booties). I love Carters, too. I find their stuff holds up very well.

I also like to check out resale shops, like Once Upon a Child. You can get good deals.
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I found a cute resell shop and bought all of this for $30!

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This is way late, but I was going to suggest consignment shops. It looks like you found somewhere. There is a place around here I like to shop where I know the clothes will be in excellent condition, if not brand new. Baby girl is always cute and I spend a fraction of the price that I would if I had bought everything new. Nobody knows the difference.
We go to "Once Upon a Child" consignment chain for a lot of things, especially when I need to buy an entire season's worth of clothes.

I bought my daughter about 16 outfits (dresses, tanks, tees, shorts, skirts and even new flip flops and sunglasses) for around $100.

Gymboree. And the tea collection is pretty awesome. Every season the clothes are themed around travel to a different country. This summer the theme was south Africa.

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