My baby is...sniff sniff...a little boy now.

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My beautiful baby boy can now walk...and walk a lot. He has such a cute, usually positive personality. He is adorable. I am in love with him!

I am glad he's growing; don't get me wrong. I look forward to all the milestones. I can't wait until he can say a few more words, so I know what exactly he wants sometimes.

I will try to post a pic, but well...I forgot how I did it in the past, so it might take awhile or might not work out...wish me well there.
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My baby is...sniff sniff...a little boy now.-563944_4115641891340_1561591131_n.jpg   My baby is...sniff sniff...a little boy now.-540995_4115644611408_411913854_n.jpg  
That's right, I said it! I wear scrunchies!!

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So happy to see pictures! Since you gae birth I've been waiting for pics!

I'm glad everything is going well.

Congratulations! Beautiful boy!
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Happy and healthy! Congrats!

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Your little man is darling, and you look great, Boomy!
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He's a cutie! So are you!

Yeah, they do that growing stuff. Before you know it, he'll be in school. Then college. Enjoy him while you still can!
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but can he walk and brush his teeth at the same time??

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