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I'm (finally) starting to put together a "first year" album/memento book for our son and we have some photos from his birth. I was wondering if anyone else had photos like this and what is the "norm" for including in a photo album? They aren't super graphic, but he was just born, so kind of gooby and most certainly naked, lol.

So, anyone else have birthday photos? Did you only include the ones where he/she was cleaned and wrapped up or did you include the "natural" ones?

Oh - also, he was in the NICU for 2 weeks, so there are a good number of hospital photos. DH wants me to keep those to a minimum because it wasn't exactly a fun experience, but it was part of the first year of his life, so I feel like I should include some. What do you think?

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I included a gross just born photo with both my kids. Hey, that's what they look like when brand new. As far as the NICU pics maybe include ones where you and hubby are holding him. Its still very fresh for you two so I see why he's reluctant but it is a part of what you all went through.
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I think they had been given a rudimentary wipe down before all pics but I have a couple where there is a small amount of blood on the blanket.

What will you be doing with the pics that don't get included? Maybe make two albums.

They're all digital, so I'm only printing the ones I want to include. The others will remain in digital storage.

Thanks for the input so far. Im having a hard time narrowing down the "to print" list. We have over 1000 photos and he's only 8 months old! Yikes.
You have to find an option that makes you and your husband comfortable.

My son was in the NICU when he was born. I do include those pictures in his album. Normal healthy babies get to see pictures of their first days. There is no reason why the not so healthy ones shouldn't get the same option. It's all part of what makes them who they are.

Time may help. It was easier form me to look at the NICU pics as my son got older.

I don't have any pre-cleaned pictures but my friend has a picture of her newborn being lifted over the curtain (c-section). It's an amazing picture, goopy baby and all!
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