Son's Eye Surgery

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Thank you! I have even better news. We had our check-up on Friday and his eyes are perfectly straight up close and far away. His eyes are tracking together perfectly!

We have a slight head tilt at distance but she thinks this is just a habit...and it will go away with time. He has a little extra inner eye tissue and swelling. In 6 weeks she can tell if that will go away...otherwise she can remove the tissue in the office. Yeah! I have a hard time thinking something else won't I keep trying to restrain my happiness for 6 weeks. LOL. He still wears glasses due to being far sighted...but so helping this will move us in the right direction.
Glad to hear this!
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This is great! I bet you are so relieved. I would have been a basket case.

Hey! I'm glad your son is doing so well and the surgery was successful!
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Great news! Yay!
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Great news! I hope he continues to recover easily and smoothly.
Hey Everyone!
I just have to celebrate our good news. Chas' vision has improved immensely. His prescription went from a +4 to a +250. The doctor told us he is seeing the same from distance and upclose. She said he could go without glasses...she wants to see how strong his eyes will get in the next 2 months and she wants to see if his eyes get better with school or if he needs a light prescription so his eyes don't get too tired.

My husband and I are son has had glasses since he was 7 months old. We did laugh because Chas has been telling us the last few weeks he doesn't need glasses...he can see without them. We thought he was going through a stage where he didn't want to be different from all his friends. Of course, when we left the doctors this morning...he asked for his glasses...he told me...I don't want to go without my glasses. My son who hates big change...he's afraid that somebody will make fun of him because he looks different. He should be fine though...just some adjusting. I hated big changes too..growing up.
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I'm so glad to hear that! That's fantastic!

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