Son's Eye Surgery

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Well, It has been 4 almost 5 years since I have posted a thread like this. Chas will have his 3rd eye surgery in a couple of weeks. I am so nervous....even though this time the surgery is not as invasive. They will not be cutting this time...just putting one little stitch on his inner right eye muscle to tighten the muscle so it is stronger and moves easier.

I guess my nervousness is that he will now remember this surgery. His last one was right after he turned 2. I just hating putting my kids under.

I know he needs the surgery though because his eyes are tired at the end of the day, more headaches, he can't catch a ball in front of his face, he struggles with finishing writing assignments, he has a head tilt and eye squinting. We've put it off for at least a year hoping school and school work would do the trick...but nope...not even our patching and exercises. This will get us fixed up for 1st grade so we don't fall behind.

Any suggestions on how to prepare an older child for surgery would be greatly appreciated. I've been open and honest with him...explaining everything that happens. Hopefully they haven't changed their procedures too much. I know he will be upset the day of...just because he hates the unexpected like his mother. I have been trying to put aside my worries so he doesn't feed off of it.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers the next few weeks. Surgery is May 16th.
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I don't have any words of advice, but you will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Mine too!
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I get terrible anxiety about doctors, so I don't have any real advice. I'll be thinking of you and chas though.
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I had very similar surgeries on my eyes when I was young, starting at 6 months. My last was at the age of four, though. That one was to tighten muscles in the left eye so it follows my right eye (to prevent lazy eye as my left eye was now completely useless) and to strengthen.

I can’t say from experience as a parent, but I do know that my parents didn’t show worry (or at least my mom didn’t—I remember her most), but my grandma was a mess. I don’t remember being afraid even though I knew exactly what was going to happen. My parents and doctors did stress that this could only help me so I was pretty chill. This happened right before Christmas, so the only bummer was wearing an eye patch on my right eye 24/7 during Christmas so I couldn’t see anything or any presents. The pictures of me on a couch are kinda pathetic haha.

I think you’re doing great right now, actually, by keeping him informed and trying to remain calm. Idk the night before surgery my parents kept me up so I’d be more tired than anything before I went in. Too tired to freak out. Also, idk if he has a stuffed animal or anything he sleeps with for comfort, but I did have my booboo with me.

I’ll be thinking of y’all though! Eye surgery is disconcerting.
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when will your favs?

Poor guy. I think I would just keep stressing how quickly the eyes heal...faster than almost any other part of the body...and how he'll be through this faster than a wink, or two. And I'd bribe him with ice cream and candy afterwards.

Hope it goes well and quickly for you.
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Will be thinking about you guys. I'm sure everything will be fine and you're doing the right thing by preparing him. I also agree with bribes/something happy to focus on after - fish and Sea Monkeys work well.
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Thanks guys! We plan to have lots of popsicles, candy around the house afterwards. Good thing is he's excited to miss school. LOL

Annabanananalise, thank you so much for your perspective. He knows he needs's that unknown fear. He won't have to wear a patch thankfully that will be good.

His restrictions are no playground/outside play for a week afterwards and no swimming for 2 weeks... This is one reason we jumped to do it now in May while in school instead of June. We will be having to find something other than swimming during Memorial weekend....but all is good.
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awww poor guy

The things that helped me when I was a kid was to have a stuffed animal, plenty of activities for in the hospital, esp before surgery (for distraction) and lots of pudding, pop cycles and jello afterwards. My personal favorite was jello pudding pops, but they don't sell those anymore. Sad, those were awesome when you were sick. And I got my choice for whatever my first meal was afterwards. Basically I got spoiled, rare in my family. I was too busy picking out coloring books and post-op treats to be scared. The fear didn't kick in until the last minute. Then the doctors would chat with me for a few before putting me under, and that helped too.

I'm not sure about your son's condition, but I felt better almost immediately. Even at a very young age I was able to put 2 and 2 together and that made it not bother me very much. Yeah it was scary and i had to get a lot of shots, but then I could keep up and play with the other kids.

Well, good luck, I hope everything goes well and he has a smooth recovery.
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Hope he's doing well
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Legends you're so welcome! I definitely want to know how he's doing.
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when will your favs?

I agree with all those suggestions. When I was a kid I had 5 surgeries from age 6-12. Missing school and being spoiled was the best part

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Well surgery is tomorrow around noon...I looked like a bad mom at the grocery store last night. I had push-pops, ice-cream bars, popsicles, gatorade...etc. In my cart. I was going to buy him a video game...but figured he wouldn't feel up to playing it... Movies it is.

Thanks again you guys for all your encouragement and suggestions!
Hey Everyone,

Chas is doing well. He pretty much slept all day yesterday with exception of 2 push pops, 1/2 pop tart and a 2 popsicles and pain meds.

I'm still rotating tylenol/motrin because of the pain level. He ate a ton this morning...His eye is swollen and he can barely open it...but he gets more wiggly as the day goes on. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

The surgery was a must. Our doctor found that the muscle had slipped off the tendon so no matter how many exercises we would have done would not have fixed the issue without reattaching the muscle to the tendon. She's expecting great results. She seemed really excited to see that this was our problem. I'm just glad we didn't put the surgery off any longer and kept trying to fix it with exercise.

Thanks so much for all your well wishes.
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Glad to hear he's doing well!
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Good. I am glad things went well.

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It's always good when you find out you made the absolute right choice. I hope he heals well and quickly. Kids usually do!
He is healing well. Back to school today...he's driving us crazy...He can't be outside or do anything strenous for 4 more days. Amazing...3 days of indoor games, video games, movies...etc.. He is done. LOL! Thank goodness he can get outside Memorial Weekend...he just can't swim.
Just catching up with this thread now. So glad he did well with the surgery.

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