Trouble with names going with Double Last Name?

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I substitute teach in grade K-8 so I see all the latest names. Ellie is back, not sure if that's a nickname for Eleanor or a full name.
Originally Posted by Jenny C
It's both.

I know little girls under 10 called that.
I settled on Mckenna Harper and Camden Lee. Both middle names are personal for us. And the first names have meaning, and the only couple we agreed on. Ellie is so cute though. I try to not even keep looking cause there's so many that I love, but he doesnt have the same taste. So now that we've agreed, im trying to keep it that way.

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"Gladys" is still very common in Spanish speaking countries.
Originally Posted by Ms.Cabernet
Really? That's interesting, I never knew that. It's so old fashioned to me. This little girl is Asian, Chinese I think, based on her last name so I don't know where they got the name.
Originally Posted by Jenny C

Yes, I mean, especially among women in their 30's, 40's and 50's now. Not among little girls. So were "Elizabeth", "Alexandra", "Gabriela", "Eugenia".

"Jennifer", "Stephanie" are much more used among little Hispanic girls right now.
I'm waiting for Hazel to make a comeback! I'm not a fan of hyphenated names, but I think what you have a great choices. Good luck!
It's not easy being a princess, but hey, if the crown fits.
Yeah neither am I. But his last name is just hyphenated. Nothing can be done about it. Walker-Travers will be my last name come next month and our child's one day. I decided on Camden for a boy regardless of people's opinions. And Isla Annelise or Zara Annelise for a girl. Hazel is beautiful and ive only ever heard of one person named it. And she was on a t.v show. :/ it should definitely be more popular. So beautiful.

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