We need glasses!!! Update with Pics!!

We took Chas to the eye doctor yesterday because he has one eye that turns in a little and we wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with it. Both my husband and I pretty much thought it was probably just a lazy eye that would need to be treated. Instead we ended up with a bigger blow.

Chas is very farsighted in his left eye (bad eye). His right eye (good eye) is slightly farsighted. The comparison was the right eye was 1 where the left eye was an 8. Since he is so farsighted in left eye his brain has started to just work the right eye only and quit all together trying to focus the vision in the left eye. In order to try to correct this Chas will need to where glasses and go through a long series of patching the next 9 to 12 years!!! The first step according to the doctor is to try to recover the vision in his left eye...in otherwords get the brain to start using that eye again. Only time will tell how much vision we get back...then how much correction he'll need ongoing. The doctor said you only have around 9 to 10 years to try to recover vision problems like this...and there is no promises on how much vision we can recover.

My husband and I were so in shock. I couldn't help but cry... I guess as a parent we want our children to have no ongoing health problems because that's one less obstacle for them in life. We're still trying to process all of this. DH got online last night and actually found a name for it. It's called Amblyopia. Which I don't know why the doctor didn't tell us the name for it....maybe he was afraid we would go do bunch of research?
Who knows.

We are thinking of getting a second opinion just to double check the prescription accuracy and to make sure there is nothing else we could be doing that another doctor could tell us. Do you think we're silly to do this??? I just think there are some eye exercises we could do to help the brain and eye reconnect.

Thanks for letting me vent. This is all just a shock. I know there could be worse things...

Any tips on getting little one's to wear glasses would be great. He did look cute in the one's we picked out.
Poor Chas and poor mommy. I hope the first Dr. was overly cautious and that his problems are fixed soon. I don't think you are silly at all for wanting a second opinion. It's always smart to do so. I don't have any real advice for getting him to wear glasses but Xander wore wraparound sunglasses with no problem last summer. He would forget they were on in about 20 seconds and then would leave them alone. Hopefully, it will be just as simple with Chas.

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Venting is perfectly fine! I don't have any answers but wanted to let you know I will be thinking of you and baby Chas. On a positve note, the glasses that they have these days are tooo cute! I have a friend with a child who began to wear glasses at the same age as Chas. I cannot imagine him without them - they are like a part of his body and add to his personality. To me, he looks adorable.

I started wearing glasses at age 5 and probably needed them earlier. And my glasses were extremely ugly 30-some years ago.

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Thanks for the encouragement. We've digested the information a little more. I will be making an appointment today for a second opinion. DH found out one of his cousins had this...now he's the only on in the family now that doesn't wear glasses. Hopefully doing all this will keep Chas from having to wear glasses when he's older.

I'll post a pic of Chas in his glasses once he gets them.
I think it's a great idea to get a second opinion. I would too, with something like this. Good luck with baby Chas and his glasses. Hopefully he won't even notice them on his face.

Keep us updated!
Hugs to Chas and Hugs to you IC.... Keep us posted!

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Well Chas got his glasses yesterday. He looks really cute but they didn't get them adjusted well enough. They keep sliding down his nose a little bit so he's able to cheat and look over the top of his glasses at you. My husband said he looked like one of his professors in college.

I'm going to take him back today to get them re-adjusted again.

He pretty much leaves them alone unless he is tired or bored. He is going to have an adjustment period...we saw him grab at something and completely miss it. But we've only seen him do it once...so that's good.

He should have an interesting day at daycare today. The appointment for his second opinion is April 2nd. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

I'll post a picture as soon as I get them downloaded off the computer.
I'm sure he looks adorable. Can't wait to see the pics.

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the nice thing is you caught it early! sounds like he basiclly does have a lazy eye, but it's lazy for a reason. i've had friends that had this, they had to wear the eyepatch to strengthen that eye, but they were absolutely fine once they were done. as fast as their body's shut it off, they can turn it back on again which is great!

for the second opinion, i have a feeling it'll pretty much be a different approach then anything else. they use those machines to read their eye for the perscriptions, so i'd imagine it'd give the same feedback on his perscription, right?

i remember getting my first pair of glasses. my eyesight was horrible. i was probably around 8 or 9? i couldn't get into my parents car because my foot kept missing the step to get in. my depth perception changed so much and my body was used to compensating. i must have looked pretty rediculous.

i can't wait to see pictures. little boys with glasses are hte cutest!
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We'll we went for our second opinion. It was like Night and Day with the doctors. We like the second doctor so much better. She spent the time to explain everything. We didn't get hearded in and out like a bunch of cows.

The diagnosis is the same but she had a much more aggressive approach. The last doctor was bringing the vision down in his good eye to make the other eye work. She said she didn't agree with this approach. Her method was to give Chas the right glasses so that he could see clearly...this is suppose to make the eye go straight. Once the eye is straight then we start the patching. Which she said is a lot easier now than when they are 2 or 3 years old. She said we'll start with 5 minutes and work up. If his eye doesn't go straight then she will need to do surgery but that won't occur for at least another 12 weeks. His new lenses are ordered...we hope to immediately see his eye go straight. It's still a long road ahead of us...but we did catch it early.

We've been reading a lot about this issue. Most kids aren't caught until they are 3 or 4 years old. Some never show signs such as an eye turning in...other's had their eye turn in over night. Everything we read said if you are a parent make sure your kids have an eye exam before they are 4 years old even if you think there are no problems. This way it can be caught.

I'll keep you updated on our progress.

Here's a few pics of Chas with his glasses!!!

He's jumping in this one...can you tell by his hair!

Too cute! Tell him that the glasses make him look very mature.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -- Theodor Seuss Geisel
to stinkin cute. He looks like a little man

He looks very scholarly. Very cute.

I'm also glad you are happy with the new doctor and her treatment plan.
That may be the cutest thing I have ever seen.
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Oh IC... I could just eat him up!!!! So handsome!!
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Oh my goodness. I have never seen anyone so cute in my life!
He's adorable! I agree with whoever said he looks very mature.

Awww...Thanks everyone. Hubby and i have been calling him our little professor.
I love kids with glasses! Those pics are so cute!
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