Warm vs Cold

Okay, I have a question. Do you think warm water or cold water gets stains out easier?

I have always thought warm water was suppose to remove stains better...but my sister said warm water sets the stain. You are suppose to use cold water.

What is your thoughts on this?

Any ideas on how to easily remove carrotts and sweet potato stains would be great. Usually if I wash them immediately they go away but if I wait more than a day...I have to wash two or three times...to remove the stain. I hate washing clothes that much...really breaks them down.

I don't know which is better for removing stains, but I always wash the baby's clothes in hot water and most of the food and poop stains come out.

I usually put a little spray n wash on the stain right before I throw it in the washer.
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I don't know about cold or warm water but I wash everything on cold. Or warm. I don't remember. Either way, soaking X's stained things in Oxiclean before washing helped go a long way in keeping carrot and poop stains at bay.

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Cold water...

Everytime we get a stain, the clothes come right off, sprayed with dretf stain remover and put into a little tub i have have this washer that has water and deft in it, so it is soaking until laundry day. If the stian is tougher, i make a paste with dreft and scrub with a toothbrush and then put into the tub.

It has worked so far.
I usually wash any stains (if they're really bad) in the kitchen sink before I throw them in the wash. I'll just use the dish soap I have there and warm water, and really scrub the fabric together.

For most stains on clothes, I pre-treat w/ my regular detergent (i use Tide). I take a cotton ball soaked in detergent and first dab to get all the detergent on it, and then I wipe it and scrub it w/ the cotton ball. I got red wine out of my husbands khakis.
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Cold water to wash away dirt then depending on the detergent booster warm and hot. So I wash dirty diapers in a cold rinse first then detergent and hot. Clothes get pretreated with Zout + oxyclean spray and then tossed in the wash on the warmest water the clothes can withstand with a half scoop of oxyclean. Whites get soaked in detergent plus hot water overnight then the wash cycle continues in the morning.

I don't pretreat stains right away but usually set aside the kids' stuff and pretreat every couple of days. So far so good.
Cold water and a front-loading washing machine...gets out every stain.
Cold water and a front-loading washing machine...gets out every stain.
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves

Oh, I forgot, I DO have a front loading washer. Maybe THAT'S why I don't have a problem w/ set in stains.
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Please excuse any typos. For the time being, we are blaming it on my computer.
I would love to sweet talk hubby into a front loader....but I don't see that happening until my washer dies.

Seems like the consensus is cold water. I'll switch and see how it goes. I do pre-treat with Spray N Wash. Seems to work the best with our water. I wish I had a sink in my laundry room and I would immediately soak. I get the best result if I don't let things go longer than overnight even if I do pre-treat.

Thanks for the suggestions!!!

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