muscle spasms/charlie horses

Anyone had these spring up yet? I've gotten them since I was in high school, so they weren't any big surprise, but as long as I'm not on my feet all day, they're pretty rare now. I got them a lot w/ my first pregnancy, so I was totally excited that I hadn't had one yet this pregnancy.

Well so much for that! Last week I got one in my calf so bad that my calf was sore for a WEEK. Just when it was feeling better, I was jolted awake by one this morning! What a horrible way to wake up. It's like, I stretch, and then I start to feel it cramp up, and I try to relax, but it's too late. I end up stuffing my head into a pillow and groaning until it goes away.

Hubby used to get them a lot too, so he's pretty sympathetic - but MAN do they hurt!!
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Yes! I've been woken up several times in the last few weeks with these. Horrible. I don't have any advice. Just sympathy!
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I had them all the time when I was pregnant.

They say upping your calcium and potassium helps. A banana every day or every other day. Also, stretching my calves before bed helped.

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I never got them, but I was so worried about getting them. I was a banana eating fool.
Ditto on what Geeky said....

I did stretches every night before bed, I also made cure i drank a glass of milk and had a banana once a day (or made a smoothie with both in it)
Hmm. I'm a milk drinking fool, so I guess I will try bananas and stretches.
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Ya, I wasn't really looking for advice, especially since I have had them since I was a teenager. And stretches don't really work for me. In fact, I have to stay away from stretching as much as possible b/c I feel them start to cramp up when I do!!

The hard thing is trying to avoid the half asleep, morning stretches in my legs so that I don't cause them!
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Please excuse any typos. For the time being, we are blaming it on my computer.
I had them too. I had some sort of stretch that I could do when they happened that helped. Thank goodness they went away after delivery.

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When I get these I jump out of bed and immediately make that foot go flat. It seems to help stop the pain from being so bad...although it was a little harder to jump out of bed when I was pregnant. I did move pretty fast though.

These cramps are an indicator that your body is missing either calcium or potassium. Have some Ice-Cream or a bananna if you have to be healthy.
I got these too when I would stretch my legs out first thing in the morning. I realized that I just couldn't stretch anymore. I don't think I got another one after I stopped stretching.
I haven't had this yet, but I am also a banana eating fool (always have been.) I really haven't had much back pain, leg cramps, round ligament pain (don't think I even know what that is) or Braxton Hicks... I guess it's the trade off for having enough vomiting for three people!
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