Tri-Vi-Sol for breastfed babies?

I was given them for both of my babies. I gave birth at the native hospital, so I think all babies were given them. I gave them the drops when I remembered and never replenished the bottle. I don't know what rickets is, but I don't think my kids got it.
I was told that this is still a controversial thing. I tried to give it to Kennedy but she hated the taste (even hidden in b-milk). I eventually gave up. She was so big and strong and seemed to get enough sunlight.
Our pedi recommended them and I ignored him.
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Is this stuff really necessary? I exclusively breastfed my son and daughter without vitamin D supplements and neither of them developed Rickets.

Do you give your baby vitamin D supplements?
Originally Posted by medussa
the hospital told me to as long as he is breastfed, because of our northern climate. I am giving him them.
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It was never recommeded to me. I continue taking prenatals while I'm breastfeeding, but I've never given them additional vitamins. My children are incredibly healthy. My toddler has never had an ear infection, and she was sick all of 6 times in her first 2 years of life.
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my pediatrician recommended these for majerle today, but i cant find them anywhere. only poly vi sol. does it really matter?
I think my pediatrician mentioned them, too. But I never did it.
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I gave DS Vitamin D drops daily until it started to become a huge struggle - around 9 months. I asked his pediatrician about it and he said since it was summer time and we were outside on a daily basis - it would be fine to stop giving DS the drops.
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