Fighting over names

I think my problem with the bedding is that I don't want any kind of theme (trucks, sports, whatever), just really nice fabric / design for the baby bedding. And there seem to be more things like that for girl bedding than for boy. Someone suggested PB Kids as somewhere I might find what I'm looking for, so I'll have to check them out.
Originally Posted by velvet paws
PB Kids has some great non-theme stuff. My boy bedding is from there although it's car and truck themed. It's not something he will outgrow quickly so I didn't mind paying the higher price. FYI, when you find something you like...go look on e-bay. You might find it cheaper.

As for names....I didn't have a choice once we found out it was a boy. He's number V.
Before I had children, I always thought I would have a more difficult time with boys names than girls, but I was proven wrong when I had my son and daughter.

With our son, we thought we had decided on a name very early in the pregnancy. As I got closer to having him though I wasn't comfortable with just one option, so we easily came up with 4 names to choose from.
With our daughter, we had a very hard time finding anything we liked. My husband wasn't wild about the one name that kept jumping out at me, Corinne, so we used it as a middle name and compromised on Laura, he liked Lauren but I thought it is too popular. I regret not standing my ground and using Corinne as a first name. Why do I have to have a husband who wants a say in naming our children? Why can't I have one that says "Yes dear, whatever you want!"? You know it won't matter to them in a few months but it'll matter to you!

We took turns naming our kids, like my parents did. However, we knew a long long time before I got pg with all of them what the names would be.
Husband grew up wanting to name a boy after his brother, who'd died of SIDS. That ended up being our first boy (but I wanted a junior, then changed my mind at the end of the pregnancy). We thought the first was a girl, and had a girl name all set. That ended up going to our 2nd baby about 1.5 years later. Then, I can't remember how long before, he came home from work asking what was a good middle name for X besides Michael. Immediately, my husband's first name came to mind, and our third child's name was done. We were so sure he was a boy, we didn't have any girl names ready. He's also a reverse junior, so I ended up sorta gettin gmy way, anyway. His first name is a version of my husband's middle name, and my son's middle name is my husband's first name.

My sister always wanted to give her son her maiden name, to continue it on, and her husband said he'd always have to make sure he's the one filling out the birth certificate info to make sure the kids had his last name!

So, even if you don't like what he likes, make sure you're the one filling out the forms, and done! (only kidding, but it's true)
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