Where to find zippered footies

easy to find, sure. but try finding one without kitties, or firetrucks, or dinasours or some wierd graphic print.
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This is an ongoing problem I'm finding with most baby clothes. Pajamas I'm not too worried about, but for actual clothes, I can't stand all of that stuff.

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I have the best luck at baby consignment stores in 'richer' neighborhoods. I was able to get one red gap footed pajama but he grew out of it allready.
found a few more


This one has a tiny car on it


you can personalize this one
I loved footed pjs for my kids. As babies, I didn't want to cover them too much, and as toddlers they never kept the blankets on. These pjs solved all the problems!
I had one zip up sack that I loved. It was warm like the footed pjs but I didn't have to mess with the legs. During summer months, I used the cotton sacks that have drawstrings at the bottom. Just tie the baby in and done!
I used to have a bunch of better quality sleepers that were single colors, without decoration. Are you handy at sewing? You could find a pattern and buy fleece when it's on sale.
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I would love it if someone could tell me where to find 4-5T sized zippys that are cotton (thin) and not fleece. That's all Katy wants to sleep in, even in the dead of summer.
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I had these ones that I just loved I think they were by carter, and they had snaps down both legs for easier changing and less risk of waking the baby up in the middle of the night. Nice thick material that looked so warm. Me and hubby kept joking we wanted a pair for winter.
We only do zippies, but I prefer footless. Gap, Gymboree, and The Children's Place are the places Ihave found them. TCP ones generally have feet, while Gymboree usually doesn't have feet (better for us, b/c she hates anything on her feet). Anyway, I have had good luck finding the mroe expensive ones on ebay and at onsignment stores too. Zippies changed my life. Never again for snaps! Also, the brands I mentioned are nto treated with those freaky chemicals meant to make the garments flame retardant, which is a plus for me too.

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