How is it being PG in this heat?

This sounds petty but I had a September baby and while the summer heat sucked it was nice to bundle up during the winter and hide my post-baby chubbiness.
Originally Posted by realistic
Not petty at all! I had a late Sept baby and felt the same way!

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I've been pretty hot/uncomfortable. It doesn't help that this is our first summer living in a house without A/C.

But, I agree with the PP who said that it seems easier to dress comfortably in the summer. I love wearing cute maternity dresses, and I feel like I saved a lot of money by not needing to buy sweaters and coats.
Originally Posted by PixieCurl
I agree - we just nabbed an ac from my parents to use in the bedroom. I was having trouble sleeping in the heat.

And I'm LOVING the skirts and dresses with sandals. I'm dreading having to look cute and be comfy in winter maternity stuff. Can we say....caftan?
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