How is it being PG in this heat?

We're thinking about possibly trying for another baby in a few months, with an EDD of next August. I'm just thinking about how I will feel being heavily pregnant in the summer, chasing after a 2-year old, in this awful DC heat.

So to all of you ladies who are pregnant right now and due within the next few months - how is it? Is it as miserable as it seems it would be?

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I've had all July babies. My son was born during a heatwave in '99. I did fine. I spent most of my time indoors and in the A/C. I love having my babies during warm weather. Spring is ideal, but unfortunately, I never really had a choice in when I could get pg. October seems to be my lucky month.
My son was born in late Sept. The heat sucked, but then again I was working full time and commuting on the subway. Now the trains are air conditioned for the most part, but the platforms are not and are easily 20 degrees hotter than outside. If you can stay home in Air conditioning most of the time you should be OK. The biggest plus of being pregnant in the heat was that I could wear flip flops all the time. I can't imagine struggling with real shoes.
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I'm inside all day in the A/C. I don't notice it. What I dread is driving in the ice, come December.

I've had all July babies.
Originally Posted by medussa
I'd love to have the next one in June, as I did my first. It was a great time of year - before it got really hot, plus you get a good amount of time to be able to take them outside for the next few months before it gets too cold. But I thought I should try to spread their birthdays apart, for some reason. How is it having all their birthdays in the same month?

Geeky, I loved being able to wear flip flops last time too! Couldn't fit my fit into anything else, actually.
I'm not due anytime soon, and I am MISERABLE!!! I have never complained about heat in my entire life, and now I am always hot. I've turned my A/C down 6 degrees lower already than we normally keep it. My electric bill is insane, and I'm still hot all the time. My only consolation is that it should cool off (hopefully) by the time I'm really pregnant, but with my luck we'll have no winter at all this year. My next baby I would definitely prefer to be due in the spring before it get really hot, so I can take advantage of all the cooler months.
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I've had all July babies.
Originally Posted by medussa
How is it having all their birthdays in the same month?
Originally Posted by puffin
We have birthdays on the 6th, 10th, 26th and 28th of July (we also had one that would have been due on the 21st). It's not ideal. I haven't figured how to celebrate each one. Mine is the 28th and it is usually overlooked because of my oldest son's birthday.

I think each child deserves their own party, but it's going to be a lot of work for me.
I have an early-September baby...I wouldn't do that again on purpose. I was never so hot in my entire life as that summer.

I have 2 December babies. That is kinda makes the holidays extra special around here. My daughter thinks her birthday (December 31) is the most fun day of the year...and that all the new year celebration is for her. Being due in December seems to make the pregnancy go faster too...everyone knows how fast the holidays seem to creep up on us...well, so does the delivery date.

My favorite for personal comfort, though, was my May baby. I should have had them all in May.
The biggest plus of being pregnant in the heat was that I could wear flip flops all the time. I can't imagine struggling with real shoes.
Originally Posted by geeky

My first was born in October, this one here in the next week or so, hopefully. It's not as bad as I thought it would be, even with the ridiculous heat wave we're having right now. If I have errands to do, I get out in the morning. And (IMO) clothes are much easier in the summer than when it gets colder. There's no way I could put on a pair of regular shoes right now.
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My favorite for personal comfort, though, was my May baby. I should have had them all in May.
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves
Yeah, I think April-May would be ideal. But we'd have to wait another year to start trying for that timing.
DD #1 was born in late Sept. I was miserable in July and August. I also had horrible swelling.

This time, DD #2 will be born in December. This heat is miserable and the humidity is killin' a sista but I don't feel as bad as with #1. Maybe because I'm not as far along or as big!
DS was born in mid-August. While I loved being pregnant, I didn't not enjoy all the swelling. Thankfully I worked at home otherwise getting dressed in shoes and work clothes every day would have made me more grouchy. Plus, I'm a summer girl....I love to water ski, jet ski ...I missed all that last summer.

Truth be...I'd do it again during the summer. After 3 years of trying...I was just happy to be pregnant. I think ideal pregnancy in Texas would be to have your last 3 months go over November, December and january...due in February.
I had a early oct baby last year.

As much as a hated being pregnant in the summer, our next baby will be born somewhere between july and Sept. It is easy to stay in the air conditioning during the summer, and i did it once, so i figure i can do it agian.
I'm not enjoying being pregnant in the heat, and I try to stay indoors as much as possible. I think I'll try to shoot for a springtime baby next time around.
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I'm friggin hot!!! I feel like I am sweating ALL THE TIME.

I don't like summer as it is, but I really can't take it now. The humidity is killing me.

I feel bad because I don't take Lucy to the park like I should, but I really just can't take being out in the heat, even when it's considered nice outside.
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My favorite for personal comfort, though, was my May baby. I should have had them all in May.
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves
Mine is an April baby & you are right about comfort. Luckily GA winters are very mild so I didn't have to worry about really warm outerwear.

Im an early Sept. baby & my Mom was miserable towards the end.

My heart goes out to the pregnant mommies this summer!
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This sounds petty but I had a September baby and while the summer heat sucked it was nice to bundle up during the winter and hide my post-baby chubbiness.
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I had a March baby and a January baby, and I preferred the January. While I was never very pregnant in the heat, the first trimester was no picnic with my first- my most nauseous time (6- 12 weeks) was in the hottest part of summer, and the heat seemed to amplify my discomfort.

If I had a choice, I'd go for a June baby- miss the summer on both ends and still wear flip flops at the end. If I was planning another, though, )I'm not) I wouldn't really care when it came as long as it was a healthy baby,
I've been pretty hot/uncomfortable. It doesn't help that this is our first summer living in a house without A/C.

But, I agree with the PP who said that it seems easier to dress comfortably in the summer. I love wearing cute maternity dresses, and I feel like I saved a lot of money by not needing to buy sweaters and coats.
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