crib bedding fashion show

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I'm a long ways away from purchasing a crib, but it's always fun to window shop.[/url]
getting error message.. can't view it
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You should be able to see this one.
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I like the 1st, 3rd, and 4th.

The "Scary Fish" bedding was cute, for like a 8 YEAR OLD! Who would put that in a baby's room? I can't imagine being 1 year old waking up in the middle of the night and rolling over to a monster fish on my pillow.
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cute designs (i agree about the scary fish being for older kids), but i'm not feeling the prices of most of the bedding and cribs.
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Love, love slide 4...
Now how in the world are they gonna keep all that white clean in that one room?
I REALLY like #3 - I even like the price of it! Number 7 is cute too

i can't believe how much some people charge for bedding - I wouldn't even spend that kind of money on myself.

My friend actually wound up sewing her own comforter, bedskirt and bumper pad.

Webjockey - Are you co-sleeping or is your baby just sleeping in the same room as you? Just curious as DS basically co-slept or slept in our room until we moved into our two bedroom townhouse last month.
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We have a cosleeper, but sometimes he shares the bed with us. It depends on how many times I have to feed him at night and how close together the feedings are. My house is itty bitty and there's no place to give him his own room. I actually don't anticipate him having a room until he's at least 1 because of the remodling we'll have to do.

My friend actually wound up sewing her own comforter, bedskirt and bumper pad.
Originally Posted by curly_keltie
So did I. here is the designer one I liked:

And here is my knockoff that my mom & I made:
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Shelli, that's a great set. I love it.


There's an $800 crib from Target. I don't think I could spend $800 for a crib from Target. I really liked the Baby Mod furniture from Walmart. I love #2, as well, it reminds me of Marimekko stuff.
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Shelli--your crib set is ADORABLE!!!!

I almost bought that crib bedding set from Wal-Mart. I ended up finding one that matched my nursery wall color better, but I really like that one.
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