What kind of activities is your toddler into?

Marley was in a toddler spanish class, but it was cancelled. The remaining classes are at an inconvenient time....we do play cafes sometimes, the park, the library, etc. I want our afternoons to be more structured, and am looking for ideas.

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Toddler Spanish class? I love it! My husband was supposed to be speaking to X only in Spanish but it hasn't happened. So far, he knows "belly" and "little boy" in Spanish.

The only structured activity that he does is Gymboree classes on Saturday. He's all wildman so it is perfect for us.

You get off of work early, right? Have you looked to see if the museums offer any sort of toddler activity/classes?

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The libraries around here offer preschool story hours and playgroups. Max and I did a playgroup for a couple of years as the story hour didn't fit my work schedule. I know some libraries don't welcome younger toddlers, but ours was fine with it.

We also did a tumbling class, but I think he was closer to 3. He liked that.

Maya doesn't get to do anything, although her new daycare person will be taking her to the library program in the fall. She does have her borther to entertain her, though.
They don't offer ANYTHING around here. NOTHING. So Tyson is into blowing bubbles at his grandma's house, running by the lake and chasing the dogs...and having the dogs chase him.

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