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Around what week did everyone start to gain weight? I was 135lbs before I conceived and I am now 130lbs at 12 weeks. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I plan on asking him about it, but I am just curious about everyone else.
I was ravenously hungry in my first trimester and started to put on weight almost right away. However, it's very normal to not gain anything or even lose some in the first trimester. In the second trimester, you should definitely be gaining some.
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I gained 2 lbs the first trimester, around 10-15 the second and about 20 the third
It took me a while to start putting on weight. I don't think I put any on until the end of my first trimester. At 38 weeks now I've put on 25 total. I wasn't worried as long as my doctor wasn't concerned.
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First time I gained slowing but steadily until the 3rd trimester and I gained a lot for reasons unknown (surely it had nothing to do with the danishes, cheesecake and fruit loops I was living off of)

Second time around, I lost a lot during the first trimester. I got a stomach flu, and had bad morning sickness, and couldn't hold anything down. But I ended up making up for it in later.
I gained most of my weight from day 1 and gained very little in the end. One of the other ways I knew something was up was that my usually concave belly was now pooching out
I lost a few pounds from living off of Saltines for the first two months or so. I think I've gained back what I lost now, and I'm right at the end of the first trimester.

What I don't understand is that I had to buy new bras quite a while ago, and my tummy is poking out just a little, but I don't see it on the scale.
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My first pregnancy I gained a lot from day 1. Second time and this time, I gained a lot in the first trimester. I was ravenously hungry and gained something like 2 cup sizes overnight. I am 16 weeks, and since 11 weeks have only gained 1 lb. There are guidelines, but honestly, everybody is different. I am trying not to gain lots of weight as I needed to lose 20- 30 lb. to being with, but I am not going to starve myself or be uncomfortable doing so.
Not until about halfway through the second trimester, because I was so sick. I actually lost about 10-12 lbs.
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First pregnancy I didn't really gain until around 13 weeks, second pregnancy I gained pretty much right away.
I gained from Day 1. I pretty much gained all my weight in the first and second trimester. It slowed considerably during the third. Which is the opposite of most people or so I thought until I read discussions like this.
I gained 1 pound in the first month and 2 pounds the next 2 months, so 5 pounds total in the first trimester. I gained 36 pounds altogether. That was for my first and only pregnancy.
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I'm guessing that I gained about 10lbs second trimester, and another 10-15 my third.

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Around what week did everyone start to gain weight? I was 135lbs before I conceived and I am now 130lbs at 12 weeks. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I plan on asking him about it, but I am just curious about everyone else.
Originally Posted by FieryCurls
because of morning sickness and fatigue, a lot of women actually lose a few pounds during the first trimester. i think i'd dropped about 4 to 5 pounds each time.

with my first, i was still wearing a lot of my regular drawstring pants into my 6th month, but wearing maternity tops.

with my second, even though i hadn't gained in my first trimester, my pants were fitting tightly in the third month so that i had to wear them unsnapped under my sweaters. by the 4th month, i had gained a little and had a noticeable little pooch with form-fitting shirts on.
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i had hyperemisis so i lost a good 15 lbs to begin with, somewhere aruond 5 months i got back up to my initial weight and then eventually. the day i gave birth i was around 30 lbs over the weight i was when i first found out i was pregnant.
I lost 5 lbs. in the first trimester and I didn't start really showing in my clothes until I was about 6-7 months. If I was in my undies or in a tight shirt, you could tell I was pregnant at around 5 months.

I gained 38 lbs. total.
I gained slowly and steadily from the beginning. At my 18 week appointment I was up 5 lb, and at my 22 week another 5. After the halfway point I steadily gained around a pound a week (toward the end a couple weeks were 2 lbs).
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So, I went to the dr. on Thursday and she said that I am not as far along as was previously thought. The ultrasound revealed that I am now 10 weeks, so that and the vomitting has probably resulted in me dropping a few pounds.

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