38 Week Visit

Yikes - those internals do smart!! But everything looks good and I'm 1 cm dilated.

(My strep B came back negative, so I plan on trying to labor at home as much as possible.)
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Yikes - those internals do smart!!
Originally Posted by CurlieGlamourGirlie

You can say "no" to internals. They don't give any useful information anyway. Amount of dilation doesn't predict when labor will start.
Yeah, as much as it seems like it should mean that labor should be imminent....
I was 4 cm for about a week with my first.
Second time, I didn't dilate until labor had started (I had an internal a couple of days before as I had a bout of persistent contractions and was convinced I was ready to go).

Either way, you don't have long to go (I know it seems like forever, though).
How exciting! I'll be anxiously waiting to hear some news.

That being said, I had an internal exam and apparently I was not dilated or anything. I went into labour at about 4 the next morning.

I guess that means any day now!!!
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I had my 38 week exam. I didn't find the internal exam painful, but that might be because I'm still locked down in there.
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