Mood swings LIKE WHOA

LOL Okay so I know it's normal to be an emotional basket case at times... buuuuuuut

Has everyone else gone through this emotional rollercoaster in their last few weeks of pregnancy? Or is it just me? Everything my husband is saying, is putting me in tears... and at times it isn't even things directed towards me... I'm just OVERLY EMOTIONAL

Maybe it's just that this whole pregnancy thing is getting to me lol. I'm due in 9 days and I cannot WAIT! lol

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Oh, I was a mess the WHOLE nine months, not just the last nine days. Emotional wreck, upset, in tears...thankfully, it cleared up when the little one arrived.
I was really emotional in the first couple months. I'm in grad school, and had a pretty tough class last semester. One day I was crying all day over this assignment I couldn't figure out. I almost started crying in my professor's office a couple times. I usually take school pretty seriously, but this was crazy even for me!
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